Stevie The Cat Climbs A Mountain

Cats are a highly instinctual animal. Although they are domesticated and somewhat dependent on human beings for existence, they still retain their chase drive, their crafty, stealthy cat-ninja moves and their keen feels. For Stevie the feline, her sharp sense of smell, her good hearing and her sensitive “hairs-breadths” help make up for the fact that she’s disappeared blind. She can get around amazingly well, considering this handicap, and the lively feline is just as active as ever.

Stevie’s ever liked the outdoors, so of course she wouldn’t pass up the opportunity in this video- an awesome, magnificent hike up a mountain. We can enjoy the displays on Stevie’s behalf, and they’re impressive. Meanwhile, Stevie got to experience aspects we could never dream of. Who knows what Stevie reeked that day? Or heard? Imagine what the great outdoors must be to a cat.

It’s a great reminder that whether animal or human, even great challenge, like losing your vision, don’t mean you have to just dispense with. There’s so much to do and experience, whether through sight, resound, flavor, savour or touch, that we can all take pleasure in something. Stevie likewise reminds us that no matter how old-fashioned we get or what overcomes we face, we just have to get out there and do it. Whatever it is. Because the only era “were losing” is when we don’t even try.

Here’s to you Stevie! Keep clambering those mountains. You induce us to climb our own mountains each and every day.

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