Steve the cat from New Zealand kinda thinks he’s a lamb

* force purposes *
Image: Screenshot Amanda Whitlock Facebook

Look, we all have an identity crisis at some stage in our lives, but this New Zealand tabby cat announced Steve seems to have adorably kooked it.

Steve was eight months old-fashioned when his owneds Amanda Whitlock and her collaborator Ben took in a small slew of orphan lambs. From there, acts get weird.

The pair told NZ Herald that the normally-inside “cat-o-nine-tail” acclimatised to his new lamb pals after they were kept indoors the first few nighttimes to keep warm. “He’d just sort of get used to them and spend time with them inside and then the lamb moved outside and we started find Steve wasn’t inside any more and we’re like ‘where’s Steve? ‘”

Steve was in fact out and about in the ground with his new friends accusing about with feline authority.

“Follow me lamby my boy, together we are able to do splendid happenings! “


His owners told the Kiwi newspaper that Steve is not simply been accepted by the batch of babe sheep, he’s sort of their ruler, ambling them around the yard as they mimic his every move.

“Steve will precisely be walking around the garden and they’ll be following him. Or he’ll be playing in the bushes and they’ll be inquisitive, looking to see what he’s doing and following him through the bushes, ” added Whitlock.

“Just a little to the left if you wouldn’t mind.”

Image: Screenshot local focus nz acclaim

Who misses dinner ?!

A video posted by Amanda Whitlock (@ amanda_whitlock) on Sep 22, 2016 at 1:51 am PDT

“You guys certainly eat this stuff? “


“No I’m really not getting it, it’s just preferences a bit woody for me.”

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