Step Inside the YouTube-Fueled, Teenaged Extravaganza That Is Beautycon

Taylor is 14 but a young 14, with the poreless look of an American Girl doll. Her “hairs-breadth” is sandy blond and parted down the middle-of-the-road. She is smart but not savvy beyond her years, with the quiet confidence that professors try when they speak of get girls into football or STEM. She talks like someone who is certain of what she knows but who hasnt hitherto recognized the vastness of what she doesnt. For the above reasons, I trust Taylor solely as she lays out the details of the online charm background, a teenage subculture as sprawling as it is potentially valuable.

Im into singersSelena Gomez, Taylor Swiftbut YouTube is a different category. Its not something you were hired for, its not something you were born intoits something you do for a passion.

Taylors own passion, at the least for now, is YouTube star Tana Mongeau. I first came into contact with Taylor on Twitter last summertime when I was looking for teens who could help unpack Tanas appeal. Tana is 18, was living in Las Vegas, has created more than 130 videos about everything from how she does her makeup in the morning to boyfriends to pumpkin spice to racismand has 2.1 million readers on YouTube. The only circumstance Taylor might adore more than Tana is God. Her timeline is one half retweets from The Gospel Daily, the other half requests for Tanas notice πŸ˜› TAGEND

RT @The_Gospels: May the goodnes of the Lord Jesus Christ,& the enjoy of God,& the companionship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. -2Cor 13:14

#ISupportTanaBecause she reinforces us. everyday. in everything we do. we are family and working ever got each others back. <3

When I firstly talked to Taylor she was preparing to start high school near her home in Washington state, though that was hardly the most difficult happening in her near future. Her momma had booked a excursion to Beautycon LA, an phenomenon for the online charm situation, where Tana would soon sound alongside other beauty-scene YouTube stars. These stars respond to myriad namescreators, influencers, charm guru, the talenttitles that communicate their indefinite fame, as well their receptiveness to both market and being marketed. Most of them produce extensive and often magnetizing makeup tutorials on YouTube, plus brand-sponsored uprights across other social platforms. Taylor was looking forward to meeting Tana face-to-face after months of following her online.

On the morning of Beautycon, Taylor texts me a photo so I will know who to look for in the high seas of other teenages. When I find her in line for government officials Tana meetup, she ogles shell-shocked with joyand wears hardly any makeup.

Im going to threw the pictures from today on my wall, she illustrates. So I want to look more like my actual ego. Ive heard similar reasoning applicable in respect of weds, graduations, and other milestones to be photographed for posterity. For teens like Taylor whove built it to Beautycon, it isnt a pull to say today detects as momentous.

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