Someone’s been pranking air traffic control via radio frequencies

Using older engineering someone was able to transmit bogus calls to air traffic control towers, stimulating one plane to abort a arrival .

April Fool’s came very early for one air traffic control centre, after a “lone-wolf” played a prank that could see them face 20 years in prison.

Some mischief-maker from Melbourne, Australia, has been walkie talkie-ing themselves onto the airwaves used by commercial aircraft.

According to the SMH , the unidentified person’s succession of hoax radio announces citing “engine failure” resulted in one plane aborting a arrive clambering back to 3800 paws at the behest of the fake traffic controller.

Looks like the talkie-happy rascal has fucking really experiencing themselves, more. A joint press release stated investigation into the cases has been launched into a cool 15 incidents of “unauthorised radio disseminations with aircraft, ” at both the Melbourne and Avalon airports.

The president of Virgin Independent Pilots Australia, John Lyons told Fairfax Media that the cheeky disseminations were a matter of concern, with aviators having no way of determining which communications coming in are from a legitimate traffic controller.

Lyons said the “engine failure” hoax was most probably be carried forward with the use of amateur VHF radio equipment though he did clarify that for such gear to operate they would need to be “in line of place of the aircraft.”

Whoever you are, “youve been” warned.

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