Person Tried To Climb Kanye West’s Floating Stage And There’s A Video

You miss 100 percent of the shots you dont take while hanging from the corner of Kanye Wests swimming stagecoach during the Atlanta stop on his Saint PabloTour.

One fan knows this classic advice well, which may be why he leapt from his place in the general admission quarry and latched on to Yeezys postponed, traveling stagecoach for a brief, supernatural moment.

In a video of the affair clicked by Chase Brown, the 39 -year-old rapper gestures to his overzealous love, who immediately gives is now going stops back into the crowd out of utmost respect for his idol( or as a result of Yes Jedi mind gimmicks, which is an equally plausible reason at this time ).

Brown told NBC,

Everyone only kind of turned and looked at each other like, Did that is actually precisely happen? But the present continual and not much was said about it. The overall demonstrate was enormou, Kanye put on a great show.

The climber took the change during Power, a sung that, tells be honest, has inspired all of us to trespass on the personal, floating theatre cavity of our fellow human beings once or twice before.

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