Solange Deleted Her Twitter To “Preserve Her Spirit” In Charlottesville Aftermath

The back and forth between the alt-right and those who resist blatant prejudiceds picked up steam on Twitter, following murderous complains across the country. Likethe many other protestors against grey predominance, Solange was one who was blatantly not here for the racist trolls who came out of the darkness. And, likecomedienne Leslie Jones and Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei, who have bothdeleted( and later reactivated) their Twitter accounts following trolls, Solange Knowles removed her Twitter account on Tuesday, Aug. 15, apparently to avoid prejudiced hecklers.

On Aug. 12, white supremacist radicals took to the campus of the University of Virginia, armed with flaming tiki torches and the riotous flavor of the confederation in a complain which, according to the Washington Post, had the goal of taking America back . The happen led to the heartbreaking death of one young lady, Heather Heyer, apache helicopters gate-crash, multiple harms and a regime of revolutionary clamor “thats really not” contained in Charlottesville alone.

The Crane in the Sky singer, Solange Knowles, made it clear that racism and sexism have no seat at her table. Solange announced shortly after the riotings that she would soon be deleting her Twitter account. She took this stance and contained herself accountable as she followed through on her hope and removed her Twitter account.

Although her Twitter account no longer exists, the multi-talented hotshot continues to have an Instagram presence, where she uploaded a tone with mentions on the agony. In this iPhone memoranda uploaded to her Instagram story in accordance with the deletion of her Twitter account, Solange notes further that her vigor would not be assigned to who she calls racist ugly ass ass fuck bois.

The note prioritizes Solange’s efforts to practice self-care and self-preservation as she continues to tours and play-act her Grammy selected album, Her post also made readers recognizing also that her son, who like many other children went back to institution during this period of civil unrest, “il go to” school to learn American biography while the deep gloom sprung ugliness continues to live. Solange leftTwitter with a call to action to free demonstrator Takiyah Thompson from jail.

Who Is Takiyah Thompson?

Takiyah Thompson, a 22 -year-old college student was detained after her character in a protest march in Durham, N.C ., in which a Confederate monumentwas destroyed.

According to, Thompson was charged with two misdemeanour weighs for participating in the dissent and the demolition of the tombstone, as well as two misdemeanor attacks for damage to property and disorderly conduct. Thompson has since been secreted from imprisonment, but the effort to ensure she remains free is courageous. Numerous have led the charge to raise money and support for Thompson’s legal costs as she prepares for a ordeal who are able to result in more than two years in prison.

Solange is not the only notable person who has celebrated the movement heralded by Takiyah Thompson. Those who have actively campaigned for Thompson’s acts and supports efforts to aid Thompson include Bree Newsome, who was famously “re under arrest for” clambering the flagpole at a South Carolina statehouse and removing the Confederate flag .

Whether or not Solangereturns to Twitter, her f* ck your bland ass stale ass mausoleums sentiments live on in the actions of activists like Takiyah Thompson. The flow to tear down every bronze and celebratory landmark of historically racist people willcontinue on and offline.

The revolution may not be televised, but it will always be tweeted.