Skydiving Without Parachute – Antti Pendikainen

Skydiving Without Parachute – Antti Pendikainen

Skydiving Magazine. The Authority In The Skydive World

Skydiving Magazine. first published in 1979. is the principal leader in skydiving news. training. and equipment. Unrivaled by competition. this magazine has survived the test of time. continuously providing up-to-date. unprecedented information to avid skydive fans. Boasting that it is a magazine “published by jumpers and for jumpers”. this has become the handbook for skydiving safety and technique.

Often compared to Parachutist. the only other magazine for skydivers. Skydiving Magazine offers more regional news. safety and performance articles. Since Parachutist is published by United States Parachute Association (USPA). the agency which governs skydiving in the United States. it tends to focus more on USPA events and news. technical articles. and regulations. Skydiving tends to cover competitions more fully and also provides information on non-regulation subjects. The coverage of nonconformist skydiving techniques has created a following of enthusiasts that enjoy other versions of this extreme sport.

One major advantage of Skydiving Magazine is it is the only widely distributed source of information on BASE jumping and BASE events as USPA does not recognize BASE jumping. BASE is an acronym for Building. Antennae. Span. and Earth and represents fixed objects from which jumps are made. Because BASE jumping is very dangerous and often illegal. it is not only disparaged in general. but frowned upon by USPA. This makes Skydiving Magazine a leader in this area of the sport.

The primary distinguishing characteristic of Skydiving Magazine is its print style. Skydiving is printed on enlarged tabloid style paper with a non-slick finish. More like a newspaper than a magazine. Skydiving is often criticized as having inferior picture quality and inadequate color due to this type of printing. However. many prefer this style as it maintains a traditional design and. because of its shorter production cycle. remains the most current in news and equipment information. Either way. if the publishing style is objectionable. it is not apparent in the record number of magazines that are sold every month to ardent readers.

Regardless of your skydiving experience. novice or expert. Skydiving Magazine is a must for your library. In order to stay abreast of the latest advancements in equipment. news. and the hottest gossip. you have to go to the authority in the sport. Skydiving Magazine is that authority.

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42 Responses to Skydiving Without Parachute – Antti Pendikainen

  1. Mr. Video Game

    2 million $ for finding that parachute that was drop from 500ft


      its in a field

    • BLaZe DesertEagle

      I take PayPal

  2. SBG/Mikko

    suomalainen helevetti perkele

    • Sok Lak

      turpa kiinni

    • paljo khana

      suami perkele

  3. Adnan Mustafa

    The parachute-making companies are so gonna hate this video. You’re making
    them redundant with your flying skills.

    • timomastosalo

      haha! 🙂

    • Safwan Hossain


    • groovy july

      Safwan Hossain seems legit

  4. Ivy DA Bean

    I would pee myself especially with no parachute

    • বাংলার বাঘ

      wow good time I will pee when I jump

    • MediTruth

      Ivy DA Bean It’s possible that you could do and a no.1 and no.2 under such
      circumstances lol

    • Ozkuboy

      Ivy DA Bean i would pee myself even with a parachute

  5. Vayu Rajput

    Ur badass man crazy

    • Saikat Basak


    • Hydrated Gaming

      Saikat Basak Please die! 😀

  6. PyramidHead138

    he just used the other guys parachute so this is nothing to write home

    • brad angy

      Because action speaks louder than voice

    • nGon-

      +brad angy So? Gilbert Gottfried does as well, but I can hear people who
      don’t speak as loud as he does perfectly well.

    • brad angy


    • nGon-

      +brad angy You say actions speak louder than words, but words still have
      power. If someone says jumping off a bridge is a bad idea, it doesn’t mean
      that person has to actually do it to make that case. If he considers it
      something not worth writing home about, why would he buy a ticket to get up
      to such altitude and have his friends pay to tag along so he can clip to
      them before landing?

  7. Racing Singles

    your one crazy m. f. Utah

    • Alpha Darko Charlie

      haha great movie, loved it!

  8. LeDari

    He is from FINLAND.

    • Juma Lauta

      ledari Suomi on ihan hullu 😀

    • LeDari

      +Banned Dirt
      some invidiuals are yea.

    • Sandra Rowley

      ledari iq

  9. Razvan MIHAIU

    One fucking idiot.

    • Taunter Atwill

      Razvan MIHAIU Why?, Is it because you are a little whining mouse?

  10. salman yamaha z

    im gonna to pie to watch this, scary

    • BeanDip

      lmao “im going to pie”

  11. kawaii lover

    how do clouds feel?

    • Sat Kum

      kawaii lover cold

  12. EddieG

    Big deal he had carabineer coming out his whiner flap hooked to the safety
    belt on his waist. same as 199 did it only his hookup point was more hidden

  13. Lucas Koester

    gta skyfall cheat

  14. Spitzkopf Larry

    they need more money

  15. fjellyo32

    better than sex

  16. Travis Johnson

    Gonads as big and hard as cannon balls

  17. CreepersTKOED

    This dude is insane

  18. Nicholas “JediWizard64” Glahn

    wow he just threw the parachute away

  19. Samuel FTW

    imagine if that parachute hit someone in the head

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