Skydiving Out My Front Door


We lacked eggs, so I needed to go obtain some a lot more. Chance at my loft, as well as from a warm air balloon over Perris, California.

Special thanks on this video clip to Ruben Garay for helping us with all the sky diving sectors. His network is – inspect him out! Also, unique thanks to Niklas Daniel and also Luigi Cani for the aerial cinematography.

Additionally, yes we live in the house from Up.


Skydiving In New York

New York’s extreme sports centers offer tandem jumps and AFF programs that allow you to discover the passion that is skydiving.

For beginners and experts alike New York’s extreme sports centers offer tandem jumps and accelerated free fall programs (AFF). The pure delight of over a minute’s freefall followed by a smooth descent on square parachutes makes the experience one that you would like to repeat over and over again.

Skydive Long island
This extreme sports center is located East of New York City at Calverton, New York. A first tandem jump costs $225 and it is cheaper to jump on weekdays. The AFF program costs $175 per jump. Group rates are cheaper with up to $15 off per jumper in a group of 10-14. Consider having your jumps recorded on tape or on DVD and relive the jump again and again.

Getting There
When approaching from the North select the Long Island Expressway (495E) and take the Exit 69, Wading River Rd. Travel North to Grumman Blvd. Here you need to take a right turn and travel another 1.5 miles. A bright blue and white skydive sign with an arrow will signal that you are almost there. There is a guard booth on the left. Follow the signposts and you will arrive at Skydive Long Island.

Skydive The Ranch
Getting to Skydive The Ranch is easy as you can drive down to 45 Sandhill Road, Gardiner or get a bus from the Port Authority Bus terminal at New York City to New Paltz from where the Extreme sports center is a short cab drive away. If you are driving down from New York City then take the NY Thruway (I-87) and get off at Exit 17 for Newburgh-Stewart Airport. Take a right turn after the toll booth and move ahead on Rt.300 North until the Rt. 300 and Rt.32 intersection where you turn into Rt. 32 and drive till you turn left into Rt.44/55West. A short drive will bring you to Gardiner. Drive past the Fire House and turn right at Sand Hill Road. Skydive The Ranch is about 1/4th mile down the driveway.

Jumps and More
Tandem jumps are priced $185 and the cost of successive jumps goes down. Group rates are available for weekdays and there are also special early bird rates. The Comprehensive Instructor Assisted Freefall (IAF) program is meant for those who have completed 3 tandem jumps and is priced at$135 and once successfully completed allows the individual to jump solo. The Ranch ProShop is a great place to shop for souvenirs and for skydiving equipment.

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33 Responses to Skydiving Out My Front Door

  1. Sm00thJAzzer

    Guys stop putting logic into these videos they’re for entertainment and to
    be for laughs I noticed people do this on this guys channel just shut up
    and enjoy it even if it is fake

    • Despina Vadamus

      Apparently they never heard of CGI

    • Altoryu

      Sorry but when someone clearly puts a carton of eggs in a bag and then is
      seen walking up the stairs with it out and half open I will question why
      that is. Unless in the realm of this video the bag ripped open or such in
      mid flight I can’t see any reason why that should be.

      A good video regardless but that is the only thing that really bugs me
      about this video.

  2. MeidoLazorZangetsuha

    freddiew can fly but not go up the stairs?

    • Mars_Anze


    • House Lannister Of Casterly Rock


    • alex the british shark

      +George Mahecha you said square

    • Mars_Anze

      No I’m on mobile I put a laughing emoji

  3. ForceLoup

    The house was floating so minecraft physics?

  4. Zena Kabayushi

    Holly Cow you better put on this title was Disney pixar Up sky diving XD

  5. Hoppydylan Gaming ˃ᆺ˂

    You Live In The Sky?

  6. justincarl vlogs ortega

    what no one has a flying house

    • IndigoGo

      +joebelle canoy -_-

    • EnesGumush 11

      I think I just found the Einstein of our generation.

    • Dexter McArrows

      it’s fake stupid

  7. Arra Neon

    This gotta be awesome really I want that! Whatever broken egg! Hhhhh

  8. Andy Phan

    Lol he was skydiving where I live that’s the same petco and albertsons

  9. Grizzle

    Riverside ca

  10. Jorge Gaona

    you can its fake because the house is floating in mid air

    • Reptile

      o wow did not notice tat tank u m8

    • Lawks

      Yus, tank u

  11. Cpt Ace aka DaTroll The Troll King of Trolling

    Do you realize how awesome life would be if that was possible? MMMMMM HELL

  12. Ismael Perlera

    I laughed when he dropped the eggs 

    • Roblox supergamer02


  13. Jessica creates

    its been five years since I’ve seen this

  14. David Eg

    I think this might be fake since in the store he puts the eggs in a plastic
    bag but then it’s in his hand going up the stairs

    • A Link In The Park

      Obviously it’s fake.

    • kys with clorox bleach

      +RÆЯEK Games no its not

  15. Odd Guy

    *uhhhhhh nooooooo*

  16. A Gray Sun

    how UP should have ended

  17. Neurotic Sos

    Pick up some eggs
    I wanna work there

  18. Naud van Dalen

    I was expecting balloons above the house at 0:17 like in the movie UP.

  19. Hans Gruper

    6 years old and only 400 dislikes. Even the haters don’t hate Freddie. This
    guy is a legend

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