Skydive Dubai – May 2011

One week of sky diving over among the most attractive drop area of the world …

Videos of Parachuting – Fun Way to Know the Sport Better

When one talks about parachuting, several things come to mind. The exhilarating feeling it gives to most skydivers, the high cost of its equipment, and the danger that comes along with it are some of them.

But just the same, the sport remains popular not only among skydivers but spectators as well. In fact, more enthusiasts are enjoying the sport not only by going to actual skydiving and parachuting events but also by watching videos on parachuting.

Skydiving and parachuting is one of the most popular activities in most sunny areas of the world. The excitement and adrenaline rush that it gives the skydiver is something that no other sport can give. Maybe because it gives men the illusion of flying that makes it really popular.

Because it is now considered more of a sport than just a recreational activity, there are several disciplines that call for both recreational and competitive events. Among the other disciplines are formation skydiving, sky surfing, free fall skydiving, paraski, canopy formation and BASE skydiving.

While there may be some accidents that occur during skydiving, these could be attributed to negligence and inexperience. These fatalities should not hinder you from trying it anyway. It is estimated that less than 1 in 1,000 jumps experience opening malfunction.

Before any jump, you must make sure that you have the proper equipment and training that you need. Examine your gear. Check them for any problems. Sometimes trained riggers do the packing of the parachute. Most people pack a second chute as back-up in case the main chute fails to open.

You must also learn the sport well. Look for skydiving facilities in your area and ask a trainer to teach you. You can join a skydiving club or organization in your area. You can also look at some listings of professional skydivers and see if anyone can train you.

Some trainers use videos in teaching. This makes learning more effective, since you will be able to see how it is actually done aside from reading it in books or hearing it from your trainer.

Aside from these instructional videos, you may also watch videos in some websites dedicated to skydiving. Here enthusiasts upload videos that are both instructional and entertaining. You will also learn tips and techniques in skydiving. Other skydiving enthusiasts can post their comments and opinions on important areas of skydiving such as equipment, apparel and skydiving sites.

To find more videos, you can look at websites which provide video sharing and type the keywords “parachuting” or “skydiving.” You will be surprised at the number of videos uploaded by members. You will see different formations and styles in shows and skydiving exhibitions. Of course, there may also be accidents that will be uploaded there.

There are many videos of parachuting that you can watch. When watching the instructional ones, you can actually learn the basics of skydiving before doing your first jump.

On the down side, watching videos which feature accidents may leave you feeling afraid, causing you to dread the sport without even trying it first. However it may affect you, watching the videos remains to be entertaining and educational at the same time. And they are readily available and accessible when you want to watch them.

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34 Responses to Skydive Dubai – May 2011

  1. MathyPure

    The jump cost as much as new iPhone 6 man how you get so much money

    • Adam John

      Once you are certified and have your own gear a jump costs around 20-50
      dollars. Getting into it is expensive but after that its not so bad. I used
      to skydive with the same people every weekend and none of us were rich –
      soldiers, construction workers, etc.

    • Supertramp K

      +Adam John sir can please share us the information about how to get a
      license and how much will it cost? Where to do it? How many jumps are
      Thank you

    • Adam John

      The best way to go about it would be to look up the nearest drop zone and
      give them a call. For me doing it in Tennessee, I spent about $160 on the
      tandem jump (though that was not necessary), about $1200 for the AFF which
      is 7 instructor assisted jumps, and then about 900 for the “license
      package” which included the 18 needed to get the 25 jumps for the
      A-licence, with the coach jumps included. After the AFF you are able to
      self supervise but may not jump with others unless they have a coach
      rating. After getting to 25 jumps and completing certain tasks (spotting
      the plain, hop and pop exits, packing a chute etc) with coach verification,
      you may send off for your A-licence. After having your A-licence you are
      free to jump with your friends in the sky! As you progress you will be able
      to do more things such as night jumps at a B-licence (50 jumps and water
      training required). Jumps typically cost anywhere from $20-30 once
      certified depending where you go, and gear can be anywhere from $2000 to
      $15000. Though the gear can seem like a killer at first, most DZs offer
      gear rentals at very affordable rates. If it is something you are
      considering, I would just go to your local DZ and meet the instructors, ask
      questions etc. One of the best things about skydiving is the awesome people
      you meet. Good luck!

    • Supertramp K

      +Adam John thank you for this information

  2. Cray-cray Kitty Gamer 123

    This looks fun, is sky diving possible if u have asthma?😑😐😕 Cuz I have
    asthma (as-muh)

    • samcdigweed

      It’s possible, but get a doctors note and also inform the dropzone you’ll
      be jumping with

    • Cray-cray Kitty Gamer 123

      +1337 typhoon first of all NO NEED TO CURSE!!! and second of all when u are
      falling the air is going to fast and my lungs cant handle it so it stops me
      from breathing. this happened during a winter storm and I almost had an
      asthma attack cuz the wind was too strong. ( Do u have asthma) Notice*Just
      saying I am not being rude so don’t reply back yelling and cursing at

  3. L

    This is the kind of thing I say I wanna do but really I would literally
    rather eat my cat than jump out of a goddamn plane

    • XxFzyAvocado Xx

      what the hell

    • YaBoyLeo


  4. The Unknow

    Watched this video in 2012. Im a skydiver nowadays…

    • samcdigweed

      How many jumps and where do you jump?
      I first watched this in 2012 and only have 2 tandems – my local DZ is 2.5
      hours away so I cant yet afford AFF and i’d never be able to go to the DZ
      for an hour or two for a jump or two. Hate living far away from is DZ it’s
      gonna be impractical but im sure the AFF will be worth it!

    • The Unknow

      im from Oulu Finland and 16 jumps in. Had my first self opening few weeks
      ago. im only 15 tho. 😀

    • samcdigweed

      +The Unknow I just had a look on a Finnish skydiving website – It’s great
      that they let you jump at 15! 🙂

  5. Kyle Gatillo

    Is that scary?

    • PissedOffHoneyBadger

      I’m sure it is… for the first time at least.

    • Samuel Cook

      Kyle Gatillo It’s pretty damn scary once you get to the door and realize
      you’re about to jump out of an airplane. But the adrenaline rush you get
      from it is ridiculous and soooo good

  6. Techno Math

    Breath Taking. Couldnt stopped my self liking this. :)

  7. E DC

    4:28 curious to know how the pilot compensates for all the weight shifting
    to one side of the craft.

    • Wyatt Shelley

      E DC you just keep the plane level. It isn’t really a bigger problem if the
      plane tilts to one side a bit.

  8. Muhammad Mirsab

    ive allways wanted to do sky-diving but i am too small😡😢😢

  9. DokkanBallSuper!

    Is this worse than a roller coaster cause the drop?????

  10. Md. Umar Siddiqui

    why are you not uploading new videos … your videos are awsome.

  11. Simpsons Futurama

    How do they get back to the airport 😹

    • GameBoy _69

      Simpsons Futurama They land near the airfield

  12. adrian zurek

    at my friends 16 birthday im going skydiving with him

  13. Big Mo

    Zoot vs Zoe Badwi Freefallin

  14. M Usman


  15. Dave TheFisherMan

    Ive jumped the palms its FUCKING AMAZEING!!

  16. Ashish Tigga

    what is cost For Ticket of sky Diving

  17. Hazard

    Who is still watching in 2017

  18. VMIN 95

    This makes me wanna throw up

  19. Dark Shadow

    I wanna do this so bad!!!!!

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