She nearly gave up before her triathlon, but strangers helped her find fortitude.

At one point or another, many of us are more likely flirted with the idea of becoming big, sweeping changes to “peoples lives”.

Maybe we’ll memorized a brand-new language. Perhaps we’ll change jobs or ultimately learn how to play relevant instruments. These grandiose hypothesis come to us without warning, but most are swept aside or forgotten about after some real talk or a good night’s sleep.

But sometimes, on rare occasions, we take health risks. And truly amazing things can happen.

Teej knows everything about this. After a health scare, she decided she wanted to take better care of herself. For the majority of members of us, that might aim taking a few more feet or swapping to decaf in the afternoons. But Teej proceeded big, much bigger and decided to sign up for a triathlon.

Hours of float, biking, and running in a highly competitive context? That’s one road to jump-start a fitness number. She spent the next year trained for her large-hearted race.

Preparing for your first challenger is daunting for any triathlon novice, but Teej had an even bigger overcome to clamber.

“I don’t know how to run, motorcycle, or swimming, ” she answers. “So I had to various kinds of learn myself how to do these things.”

But she amazed herself, toughed it out, and formed it to the starting line exclusively to discover her biggest contender wasn’t the racers lined up beside her, it was the little singer in her foreman that said she wasn’t an athlete at all .

Listen to Teej tell the story of her first triathlon and the boost of trust and new friends she gained along the way.

And demonstrate a little more consideration to your next big-hearted, sweeping, magnificent theory. It may merely change your life.

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