Secret beaches of all the countries: readers’ tips-off

Whether miles from civilisation or exactly round the reces from more famous shore recurs, these less-visited beaches chosen by readers volunteer charm and privacy and sometimes warm seas

Winning tip: Es Coll Baix, Alcudia, Mallorca

The 6km-long main beach in Alcudia is one of the best and busiest in Spain. Yet at the end of the headland, several kilometres away is one of the best and loneliest in Spain, Es Coll Baix. It’s a big expanse of Robinson Crusoe-style beach below cliffs of fragrant pinewoods. The ocean is off-color and when the high seas is tranquilize the snorkelling is great. The half-hour walking to it down a “path” concerns some guesswork and clambering over boulders.


Camusdarach, near Mallaig, the Highlands

Photograph: Alamy

Venture south along the coast from Mallaig and you will discover bay after bay of pristine grey sands, beyond which azure water and offshore islands make for a scene that would not look out of place on a mailing-card from the Caribbean. Camusdarach, a short interval from the A830 around five miles south of Mallaig, reaches the perfect stop for a period of waddle, picnicking or rock-pooling, whatever the Scottish weather might fetch!
Helen Bennett

Low Newton, Northumberland

Dunstanburgh Castle in the distance beyond the sands of Embleton Bay. Photograph: Alamy

The beach south of Low Newton is a little section of paradise on Earth, with soft sand and “refreshing” sea. Even in the height of summer you merely bump into a handful of others. At one outcome lies Dunstanburgh Castle, one of the most beautiful in the two countries, and at the other the Ship Inn, a great resting stage.

Hunmanby Gap, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Photograph: Alamy

A few minutes’ drive from Scarborough promenade is a beautiful concealed beach, with clean, golden sands and crystal blue-blooded sea. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the Maldives but for the capricious summer condition. A minuscule beach cafe celebrates the enter to the beach: it’s a small compartment run by a very warm duet who come across as if they can’t believe this pull of sand has remained such an unknown beauty spot for so long.
cityben1 00

Kingsgate Bay, Broadstairs, Kent

Photograph: Alamy

Take the main road and you’ll miss it … A secluded, appease and serene sandy beach that’s often overlooked by visitors due to its lack of facilities. Forget that and get regardless- not inevitably for a traditional bucket and spade daylight out,( there are no lifeguards) but for the rise chalk archway and extended sea caves.


Cala Junco, Panarea, Aeolian islands, Italy

Photograph: Alamy

The Aeolian Islands off Sicily each have their own beauty, but Panarea is the oldest. This island is full of heydays and small-time streets which lead to a famous archeological site, Capo Milazzese. Hidden behind the hill lies Cala Junco beach, isolated and wild. The bumpy coast opens up to the turquoise charm of the Tyrrhenian sea and “its one” of the best places for snorkelling and experiencing the beauties of nature.
Magdalena0 206

Stiniva, Vis, Croatia

Photograph: Matthew Baker/ Getty Images

Remain on the shuttle as the masses disembark at Hvar to find the untouched coast and angling hamlets of Vis. Hire a scooter and make for Stiniva beach on the north coast. A short hike from the road is well worth noting when you see this secluded bay with crystal-clear liquid surrounded by steep cliffs.
jbridge9 0

Porto Koufo, Halkidiki, Greece

Photograph: Becky Fleming

Porto Koufo at the south-western tip-off of the Sithonia peninsula was an unexpected haven. The beautiful clear and heated ocean has a 2km-long sandy periphery. It’s also almost deserted, with exactly a small village with a few tavernas at the north end.
Becky Fleming


Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Photograph: Alamy

When in Uruguay, forget flashy Punta del Este and top north-east to the more genuine resort of Cabo Polonio in the department of Rocha. A 4WD is necessary to reach the tiny peninsula village where a long, sandy beach awaits, and it’s perfect for windsurfers on one side and swimmers on the other. The allure lies in the lack of growing: holiday bungalows are lighted at night with candles.
ogee2 7

Providencia, Colombia

Photograph: Alamy

You can’t get often remoter than South West Bay on the small rocky Colombian island of Providencia. We ran from Bogota via San Andreas on a lighter aircraft with 10 parties and one dog. We bided at the Sirius Hotelon a long, white-hot sandy beach. We had the four sunbeds to ourselves and our lazy epoches committed reading, watching the fishing and scuba diving crafts go in and out and swimming in the warm turquoise ocean. There was no internet or mobile phone access, and at the one local eatery we feasted on inexpensive fresh fish including lobster, creole prawns and ceviche.

Cedar Key, Florida

Photograph: Alamy

Cedar Key, off Florida’s north-west center coast, is a gem itself. The splotches of territory, some blur, some sandy, spread like a cast net. The local clam chowder was the best in the world for several years. Bide at the Faraway Inn( from $90 a night ), where a fleet of kayaks is yours to use. About an hour before sunset kayak instantly south from the inn for about a half a mile, ideally in late fall, to Cedar Keys national wildlife refuge. It’s a sanctuary in all gumptions of the word. There’s a boardwalk, but around every reces is a secluded segment of beach.
Easy Journeys

Carlos Rosario, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Photograph: Alamy

Carlos Rosario is a remote beach on small island developing of Culebra off Puerto Rico, naturally sheltered from gale and ripples. It’s a hike to get to and not too many people know about it. An extended and expansive pristine coral reef begins on the right side of the beach and is extraordinary for snorkelling: crystal clear ocean and replete with coral, tropical fish, turtles, and more. On the west slope of the Flamenco Beach parking lot, you’ll view a large entrance, series but left to enough for pedestrians. Enroll the trail and follow it to the end. There is one crotch in the route, differentiated left for another secluded beach called Tamarindo, or directly ahead for Carlos Rosario. The trail is reasonably challenging, certainly not for bare paws. It has rocks and the occasional iguana. Once you arrive in Carlos Rosario, you’ll know it was worth it.
villama r


Pandan Island, off Mindoro Island, the Philippines

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