Scooter startup Bird is reportedly about to touch a$ 2B valuation

More financing is coming in for Bird, this time potentially appraising the company at$ 2 billion, according to a new report by Axios.

There’s not a ton to add here compared to the last round( which happened exactly a few weeks ago ), as the same dynamics are maybe in play here. While Uber was a bet on automobile trips and generally get around, Bird is that but at a dramatically more granular degree — anticipating short hop-skips of a few miles in congested provinces. Startups that are exceedingly red-hot can sometimes pull off these wheeling rounds where investors are coming in at various qualities, especially as the example further testifies out over time.

If “youre living in” a major metropolitan area, you’ve maybe visualized Bird( and Lime) scooters hanging out on the sidewalks — potentially knocked over in a smudge where someone might trip over them while checking his or her telephone. That’s been a extent of tension in areas like San Francisco, where Bird has had to temporarily came by the sidewalks as a permit system buns out. Bird isn’t the first mobility-focused service that currently facing regulatory challenges before, but it is one that’s become very popular very quickly.

This too, as Axios observes, could be an easy play to get into a red-hot market that a major ridesharing firm could want to buy its mode into. Uber acquired Jump, an on-demand bike service, in the midst of its own financing round. While bikes don’t thought would be getting quite the hype that scooters are, Lyft is also planning to acquire Motivate, an on-demand biking network.

Bird exactly a few weeks ago raised $150 million at a$ 1 billion valuation, while Lime created an additional $250 million. Bird was valued at $300 million in a financing round earlier this year.

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