Round-the-clock manhunt on for Army reservist who escaped Rhode Island detention center

James Morales( WFXT)

A round-the-clock state and federal manhunt was underway Monday for an inmate who fled a Rhode Island detention center.

Former Army reservist James Morales, 35, absconded Saturday by climbing a basketball hoop to reach a rooftop, cutting through a fence and climbing through razor wire, the Wyatt Correctional Center jailer Daniel Martin said.

Martin included said it took more than 3 hour to discover Morales was missing. Two men have been placed on leave after his escape.

Massachusetts state police said Monday they recovered a plagiarized vehicle believed to have been used by Morales. Police said he likely fled to Attleboro, Mass. and stole the car.

The search for Morales is now focusing on Framingham after the discovery of the car. Governments found surveillance footage of a person with Morales description stepping in downtown Framingham on Sunday, according to Fox 25 Boston.

The station reported that Morales may have knocked on the door of an ex-girlfriend. Neighbors told me that she and her two girls were taken away from the orbit for their safety.

Morales is facing accuses for allegedly stealing 16 firearms from a U.S. Army Reserve Center. The FBI said he stole assault rifles and handguns from an armory in Worcester, Mass ., in 2015. Hes likewise facing child assault charges.

According to Fox 25 Boston, Morales was last been taken into consideration during a head count at 7 p. m. Saturday. The last escape at the Wyatt Detention Center was in 1996.

Morales, 35, has an eagle neck tattoo and anyone who knows informed on his whereabouts is urged to call 911.

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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