Richard Branson Shares The ‘Best Way To Learn About Something’ With His Son

There’s more to learning about life than the sheets of a textbook. Just expect Richard Branson.

As part of HuffPost’s brand-new parent-child interrogation sequence Talk To Me, the Virgin Group founder let his son, Sam Branson, pick his psyche about taking probabilities, insisting poise and more. In a touching discussion at their home in the British Virgin Islands, Sam said he admired his father’s “zest for life” and asked about the motivation behind it. Richard’s secret? Reading that goes beyond a classroom.

“I love learning. I did not like memorizing at school at all, which is why I left school at 15, ” Richard replied. “I exactly love learning about life. And the best channel to be informed about something is to submerge yourself in it.”

As the son of a business guru, Sam has pointed out that numerous parties imagine his father wasn’t around much as he was constructing such a huge corporation, but that wasn’t the subject. The beginning of Virgin Group actually turned out to be a bit of their own families affair.

“One of the lovely acts was I toiled from residence, so you and Holly[ Sam’s sister] grew up crawling on the floor of the houseboat and were very much part of the start of Virgin, ” Richard said.

The famously intrepid entrepreneur likewise opened up to his son about “one of the worst times of “peoples lives”, ” when he was preparing to climb into a hot-air balloon that would travel around the world.

“You were about seven or eight years old and you came and cling onto my leg. I detected there was no turning back then, I had to go. But seeing your tendernes at me croaking was a ugly, ugly minute, ” Richard replied. “And I’ve had to look back on those enormous adventures and try to work out whether I was being greedy, whether it was the right thing to do.”

But Richard noted that Sam has since sought out his own adventures, like clambering the Matterhorn. “I’m heartened, ” he told Sam, “that you’re understanding what it is in us that becomes us do these things.”

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