Inspect: Timex Ironman GPS Watch

Full disclosure: Unbeknownst to my editors, I wore a Timex Ironman watch for over a decade.

My Timex did everything I necessary a watch to do. I wore it traveling, snowboarding, swimming, moving, snorkeling and surfing. I could place alarm systems, check my gait, and been demonstrated when I said I would. It likewise ignited up, so when sudden interferences woke me while camping, I could squat in my sleeping bag, check the time, and note that the suffers had decided to eat us at precisely 1:34 am.

Most importantly, it offered superb functionality for the purposes of an inexpensive rate. I expected nothing less from the $99 Timex Ironman GPS, which proposals itself as “the simplest GPS watch ever.”

No-kay Computer

Unlike many fitness wearables, the Ironman GPS isn’t a flash touchscreen invention that sits on your wrist. It’s a digital watch, and it looks like one. To use, accuse the watch by plugging it into a wall with a micro USB cable, and download the Timex app on your computer–you read that claim. There &# x27; s no Bluetooth, so you &# x27; ll be using a cable and a computer to remove your data.


To start a exercising, press the gray-headed button. Select a workout( because this is an Ironman GPS, you have a option between passing, float, or biking, or all of them at once !), and await ten agonizing seconds for the GPS to sync up before starting your workout.

Timex says the watch’s battery life as capable of powering through 12 straight hours of GPS tracking. It was difficult to get a speak on how long that battery life would last-place with real-life utilization, since you have to plug the phone into your computer to download your data. Three or four hour-long runs and swimmings passed the battery down to about 75% before I plugged it into my computer, which accused it.

To review your data, you can ringlet through your workout summing-ups on the watch, or upload them via USB. The Timex app connects to Facebook and Twitter, as well as fitness websites like Mapmyfitness and Strava.

On your computer, they are able to check the map of your run itinerary. You can also check a whole bevy of other stats, like altitude changes over distance, or your pace era over interval. As with the original Ironman watches, you can determined alarm systems or a timer. The watch too hurls up a pennant to congratulate you whenever you reach your fastest eras, which I acquired adorable.

Quit It and Hit It

In a sea of sensor-laden smartwatches, it can be easy to feel like you &# x27; re submerge in data, stats, and report. As a high school cross-country smuggler, I didn’t keep track of how many steps I sauntered every day. Instead, we checked our speed, tried not to get lost on long runs, and barfed after interval training. The Timex Ironman GPS watch would’ve been perfect for my high school days since it &# x27; s so straightforward and distraction-free.

I did miss what are by now standard boasts on even the simplest fitness trackers. You can get addicted to stats, and I missed realizing my stair totals, which gives me the sweet, sweet illusion that walking around the house looking for my daughter’s blankie contributes significantly to my overall degree of fitness.

I likewise missed Bluetooth. Right now, Bluetooth proliferation is so ubiquitous that having to plug anything into anything can feel almost antediluvian. Even sous-vide machines have Bluetooth! Where are my instantly accessible graphic exhibitions?

And alas, although there are Timex has obliged the Ironman GPS simple to set up, it didn &# x27; t remove the possibility of setting up flaws. I went occasional notices that the watch necessitated firmware updates, so I plugged it into my computer, and…nothing. I had to unplug and restart the app a few hours to get them to load.

Turn Down the Volume

The Ironman GPS &# x27; s exchanging parts are its cost and its clarity. As watches from Timex’s competitors likewise get more affordable, the first utilizes less and less. You can find Garmin and TomTom watches now that come at similar price parts, but give the same features and more.

But–and I am the only one besides your mother who will tell you this–more isn &# x27; t ever more. If your goal is to run a hasten faster, you don &# x27; t actually necessity an HR monitor or to calculate your VO2 max. You only need a stopwatch, and the will to work harder. Maybe you &# x27; re an experienced athlete who is suffering from knowledge overload. Or maybe you &# x27; re precisely secure enough in your fitness height that it doesn &# x27; t give you a thrill to find out that you &# x27; ve clocked 300 steps while checking the place mailbox.

Was I able to convert back to a Timex Ironman GPS after being exposed to second-hand sinfully self-indulgent sum of data already existing? No. Passes out I actually like being able to see completely irrelevant stats, like used to identify that my heart rate spikes while watching Black Mirror . As canadian athletes, nonetheless, it’s a great follow-up to the watch that was my constant friend for a decade.

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