Review: 2017 Porsche Panamera

Shortly before driving the all brand-new second-generation Porsche Panamera sedan, I invested a little timehammering a 911 Carrera 4S on the serpentine superhighways outside Munich. The 911 is awesome, in all the ways you expect a Porsche to be.

Muchlater that same day, long after I’d transitioned to the Panamera and was similarly tearing up mountain roads near the Austain border, it took another 911 transferring me in the opposite direction to remind me that I’d surely trenched the 911. That’s how good their own families hauler is: Despite conditioning my brain to the treatment and responsiveness of a razor-sharp sports car, I just registered the change after climbing into a far larger, heavier vehicle drag two passengers, luggage, and a mountain of camera gear.

Say what you will about the shape, but the re-engineered, $98,300 2 017 Panamera–with its deepened equilibrium, sportier roofline, and liposuctioned backside–deserves your respect. It is as capable on a line as it is in transaction and as opulent as a day at the spa. But then, for 100 grandiose, it ought to be.

2017 Porsche Panamera

8/ 10


Much needed slimming and reshaping of bulbous backside without losing rear headroom; crazy-good manipulate for a long, heavy sedan; stylish interior styling; cruise self-restraint that’s about as good as one could be without letting the robot drive.


No easily accessible button to deactivate locomotive auto start/ stop, so you have to fish it out of the menu; central dash breath vent is controlled through touchscreen, why exactly?

How We Rate

Either way, the Panamera is crazy stupid rapidly for a auto that weighs4, 400 pounds.Both gondolas use an eight-speed dual-clutch communication with glass-smooth changes. The gearbox offers a great meld of act in the low gears and effectiveness in seventh and eighth. If all that speeding still isn’t enough, descent another $6,930 for the Sport Chrono package–which includes open restrain and a push-to-pass button for a little more oomph–and shave another two-tenths of your zero to 60 age. That applies you in 911 country, in a vehicle you can take to Costco.

This being a luxury grand-tourer, the Panamera makes all the right comfort and gadget documents. Lots of skin, an audiophile-level stereo system, knobs and switches that is like they’re milled from ingots. There’s enough headroom for professional basketball players and all their stuff, and fourgiant screens with touch-sensitive dominations. And the car connects to your Apple Watch and doubleds as aWi-Fi hotspot, because it is 2016 and of course it would be for six-figures.

There’s more tech under the metal. Athermal likeness camera spotlights pedestrians and swine. The adaptive cruise authority organisation, InnoDrive, exploits piloting data like upcoming curves and inclines to dial in the optimal acceleration, deceleration, and gear pick, for a smoother, guys more efficient razz. Dual radar sensors and a camera permit lane-centering and automated distance controller, a boon in stop-and-go traffic.

Ride quality is a hallmark of luxury vehicles, so the Panameras three-chamber air suspension makes a appropriately sublime, if not whisper-quiet, ride in consolation mode. When you want to canal Romain Dumas, Porsches brand-new 4D Chassis Control system analyzes road conditions and your current driving style to sing the steer, torque vectoring, and suspension accordingly.

Purists will continue to look down their snouts at the Panamera. Tell them. The Panamera is as ” 911″ as you can get in a car with four doors and the engine in the wrong region. Its indisputably porschemanlike in every way.

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