Real-Life Spider-Man Scrambles Up Building To Save A Dangling Child

He’s being applauded as a real-life Spider-Man.

Mamoudou Gassama was caught on video on Saturday climbing a building in Paris to rescue a child who was hanging from a fourth-floor balcony. As the footage above demonstrates, it took Gassama about half a minute to contact the 4-year-old and gather him to safety.

“I did not think of the storeys … I did not think of health risks, ” Gassama told Le Parisien, according to a translation by “I did it because it’s a child.”

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo called the 22 -year-old hero “Spider-Man of the 18 th, ” as the salvage happened in the city’s 18 th arrondissement( territory ).

He to present to me that he had arrived from Mali just a few months ago, daydream of improving their own lives here, ” Hidalgo told the Guardian. “I told him that his gallant play is a fine example to all citizens and that the city of Paris will obviously be very keen to supporting him in his efforts to settle in France.”

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron met with Gassama, thanked him, caused him a award and said he would become a naturalized citizen, per the BBC.

The child’s parents weren’t dwelling during the incident. The child’s father-god was held for questioning while the mother was not in Paris at the time, AFP reported.

Update: This narration has been modernized with additional information.

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