Read This If You Don’t Know’ What’s Next’

There’s something so apprehensive about the sentiments of uncertaintythat swims around our little chiefs, razzing us and requesting us questions. It’s scary to not know what’s next for their own lives, for your occupation, and for countries around the world. It’s an incredible vulnerable feeling that cantruly feel like you are submerge in question marks.

It’s easier said than done to be patient and to just wait it out. How are you supposed to sit there and just wait when your leader feels like it’s going to explode? How are you supposed to stay calm, when their own lives feels likean ocean might wish to swallow you whole?

I wish I could give you a snow globe to tell you what your future deems. I please I could give you a sorcery pill that will ease your uneasy heart. I bid I could give you a fortune teller poster, to warn you about every tiny happen that is going to happen to you.

But life is about the surprises right? Life is about the waiting and wishing, until it comes true-life. Life is about the scary minutes that form you fearless. Life is about the uncomfortable and pain moments that stir you stronger and mighty.

Sometimes you just have to wait and worked very hard. You have to keep walking and climbing , no matter how slow you think you are going. And you have to realize that each newborn gradation that you take, is get you one step a little bit closer to where you are going to be.

You need to come to words with the fact that you aren’t always going to have everything that you want. You aren’t always going to be where you thought you would be. But that is ok. That’s more than ok. Because every different route “youre walking” on, is strengthening your judgment and your fortitude. Each different itinerary you walk on, is cooking you for what is next.

So it’s ok to not know what’s next for you. In all honestly, does anyone truly know what’s going to happen tomorrow? No. Does anyone know what is going to happen to this macrocosm in a few weeks? Of track not.

Be patient with yourself. Open yourself credit for all that you have accomplished, and all that you are doing right this very second. Have faith in yourself, and have hope for your future self.

Good thoughts take time. Beautiful events take even longer. Recognise that this life is a pilgrimage , not a race. Embrace the uncertainty. Cherish the’ what ifs ‘. Hug the question marks. And try to live without asking so many questions. And try to live for today. Just let yourself be.

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