Publicity stunt ‘terror attack’ frightens guests at Cannes’ Hotel du Cap

French internet company under flaming after applying six people in military uniforms to stage a scorn attack on the luxury hotel

A fake terrorist attack has panicked clients at the Htel du Cap, the five-star indulgence inn frequented by luminary clients during the Cannes film carnival.

The attack, which was in fact a stunt by a French internet busines, held yesterday, Friday the 13 th. Six husbands in coinciding helmets and military-style utility vests approached the inns pier via boat, before one of them began rallying up the steps towards frightened guests, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

We were all caught off guard, said publicist JR Savet, who was ingesting with pals on the du Caps terrace. And then person screamed and beings jumped out of their chairs and started moving rapidly to the swimming bath domain. It was pretty scary.

Savet said that he was appalled given the fact that the men seemed to be dressed as an Isis-like militia group.

The onslaught was a stunt by a French internet company. Photo:

Organisers at the Cannes film festival have called in 500 additional protection personnel this year as the hazards of an attack by ISIS is, following the attacks on Paris and Brussels, heightened.

Last month French security force staged a mock attempt on the movie carnivals principal venue, the Palais. Terrorists manipulating automated artilleries shot blanks at police, before clambering over the wounded( voluntaries wearing crimson bibs) and storming the phases of the conference centre.

The du Cap, which baby-sit eight miles east along the Cote dAzur coast from Cannes, regularly hosts some of the movie industrys most famous chassis during the film carnival. On its method to the inn, the barge apparently sped past boats owned by Steven Spielberg and Roman Abramovitch.

Cannes police are investigating the stunt, which a du Cap spokesperson has called a bad joke a very bad one.

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