Objectors parade at anti-fracking rallying

Image caption Protesters paraded outside the area at Little Plumpton

About 1,000 protesters have maintained a rally outside a website having regard to the green light to start fracking for shale gas.

The contentious process resumed in the UK on Monday for the first time since it was linked to shakes in 2011.

Demonstrators at Little Plumpton in Lancashire, led by the first UK anti-fracking demonstrators to be imprisoned, said “fossil fuels “havent had” neighbourhood in a modern-day vigor strategy”.

Energy firm Cuadrilla said the process is safe.

What is fracking and why is it controversial ?~ ATAGEND

One protester said she came out “because in the long run, it’s going to affect all of us – not just Lancashire”.

A spokesperson for the Frack Free Lancashire campaign group said the operation “will be met with continued protest and resistance”.

What is fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a technique to remove gas and petroleum from the earth Liquid is gushed underground at high pressure to fracture shale boulder and handout gas or oil within Applications have also been submitted by various conglomerates in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and for a second area in Lancashire The Department for Business, Innovation& Skills says shale gas “has the potential to be a new domestic vitality source” Authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have said they will resist fracking until farther investigate is completed into its environmental impact

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