Pop. 17,049: Welcome to America’s largest penitentiary

( CNN) Here’s one thing you may not think about when disembark at Los Angeles International Airport: Precisely 11 miles out sits the biggest jail system in America.

Program note: Go inside America’s largest penitentiary plan on “This Is Life with Lisa Ling”Sunday, September 25, at 10 p.m. ET/ PT.

With prison inmates person the dimensions of the a private college and a fund only north of $700 million, the L.A. County Jail is as sprawling and as complex as Los Angeles itself.

The institution — recovering from a massive prisoner insult scandal in 2011 — is one of roughly 2,750 incarcerate districts across the United States. In midyear 2014, approximately 744,600 parties were held in jails nationwide, in accordance with the Department of Justice, almost all cases facing criminal charges and awaiting their fate in the court system.


Could this program keep mommas out of prison?

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