Police release videos of lethal shooting of unarmed pitch-black male

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Two Sacramento, Calif ., police officers screamed for a suspect to show his hands minutes before fatally shooting the unarmed pitch-black being Sunday night, police organization camera footage uncovered Wednesday.

The footage does not show what the three men, who held only a cellphone, was doing times before the police officers fired at him Sunday night. The shooting has been the case in the backyard of the man’s grandparents’ home. Police did not find a grease-gun at the scene, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Stephon Alonzo Clark, 22, was shot and killed by a duo of Sacramento Police patrolmen Sunday night in the backyard of his grandmother’s residence where he was staying. ( Associated Press)

Sacramento police said the man was read breaking into at least three vehicles and later into a neighbor’s home.

Deputies in an overhead helicopter supposedly find the man break a neighbor’s slithering glass door before climbing a fencing. But the helicopter footage shows the man exclusively extending through a backyard and rise over a fence into a neighboring property while police run up the driveway along the side of the house.

“Show me your hands — artillery! ” one man yells.

“Gun, grease-gun, grease-gun, ” the other polouse shouts before “theyre starting” shooting.

The man collapses as they shoot. It’s uncertain from apache helicopters and body camera video exactly how many kills were fired.

After the shooting, the footage shows the officers taking moves reloading and remaining their artilleries developed on the three men from a distance.

When backup arrives, the three men is verified lying face down with an iPhone near his head. He’s handcuffed and the officers discuss play-act CPR. About six minutes after backup arrives, one officer is heard remarking to another officer, “hey mute.”

Salena Manni, the status of women who said she was his fiancee, determined him as Stephon Alonzo Clark, 22, the father-god of her two sons, ages 1 and 3.

“We’re mourning right now and so we need our time to mourn, ” she suggested Wednesday as their own families gathered in his grandparents’ home.

Sequita Thompson, narrates the repugnance of do with her grandson dead in her backyard after he was shot by police officer. ( Renee C. Byer/ The Sacramento Bee via AP)

The department said the two officers are on paid administrative leave.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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