Police capture male clambering Trump Tower in New York City using suction bowls | Fox News

A man attempted to magnitude the all-glass facade of Trump Tower in New York City on Wednesday use big suction goblets, prompting a large police reaction before he was finally pulled inside by authorities.

The man had a backpack and used a harness and tether stirrups to lodge himself to the side of the 58 -story Manhattan skyscraper for the nearly 3-hour climb.

The climber reached the 21 st floor before he was nabbed by the officers who removed a section of a space from the building in order to reach him. Authorities have not yet distinguished the climber, or his motivations for clambering the skyscraper.

Police detectives crushed windows and cracked through a ventilation passage on lower portions of the building in an attempt to blockage his progress.

Officers too lowered themselves towards him using a window washer’s platform.

The climber however continued to elude governments by methodically running his lane from all the regions of the facade and angled areas of the building.

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He was speaking with detectives through the holes cut in the side of the building, and when when would-be rescuers crushed a opening above him, he ducked to avoid big shards of glass that fell.

Police deployed big, inflated crash pads at the stage but established initial attempts to grab him as he delivered nearby.

Witnesses said the man started climbing Donald Trump’s namesake skyscraper at about 4 p. m.

The city’s emergency notification system sent out an alert that “Due to patrol task, expect extensive traffic postponements in the area of East 56 th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan, ” Fox 5 reported.

The tower is headquarters to Donald Trump’s Republican presidential campaign and his business empire.

Trump also lives there, though he was in Virginia in the afternoon for a campaign happening and was headed to Florida for an night event.

“This man acted a ridiculous and dangerous stunt, ” Michael Cohen, administration Vice President in the Trump Organization, said in a statement. “There’s damage to the building and he made the unnecessary deployment of New York’s finest to protect his safety and the security of its everyone in the building. He’s caused the closing of commerce on Fifth Avenue. I’m 100 percent particular the NYPD had better things to do. If Mr. Trump were here he’d be thanking law enforcement for the job they’re doing.”

Terraces and other parts of the building are public during the day.

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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