Pang Fu the raccoon is the plumpest scrap panda around

There’s just something about fatty swine that attractiveness us all. Perhaps it’s the shake of their extra flab as they saunter toward a human. Or maybe it’s their ravenous desire, which has them chowing down like every banquet is an all-you-can-eat buffet. For whatever intellect, we cherish chubby domesticateds, and Pang Fu the raccoon is the last chunky critter to crawl into hearts.

Pang Fu is the thickest rubbish panda around, weighing in at about 33 pounds. That prepares it virtually twice the size of other raccoons and probably pretty difficult to pick up for a fondle. Thankfully, there’s a whole Facebook sheet dedicated to the plump cutie that remains us gave an update on all his latest shenanigans.

Like clambering down the stairs…

… or climbing onto a human’s back, crushing her with the raw push of fatty raccoon power…

… and seem, it’s nap age! All that nomming sure tires a raccoon out.

For the record, all of these videos are 100 meters better if you watch them while playing Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” in the background.

H/ T Mashable | Photo viadavrozs/ Flickr( CC BY 2.0 )

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