British climber killed during Yosemite rock fall was on’ dream vacation’

Andrew Foster apparently schemed US trip with bride Lucy, who was injured in the accident, as part of their wedding anniversary celebrations

A British climber humiliated to extinction in a rock autumn at Yosemite national park which left his wife seriously injured was an experienced climber and outdoor wanderer on a dreaming holiday.

Andrew Foster, 32, and his wife Lucy, 28, were hit by more than 1,000 tons of rock as they prepared for a climb at the end of a three-week journey to the Californian park.

The couple, from Cardiff, are believed to have been scouting the itinerary on the El Capitan rock face when a “sheet” of granite evaluating 40 m by 20 m fell from a height of about 200 m on Wednesday.

Andrew was killed instantly while his wife was rescued and airlifted to hospital where she is understood to be in a crucial condition.

The couple, who met at Cardiff University, shared a feeling for outdoor undertakings, and had climbed some of the most difficult boulder faces in the UK. They had told friends it was their” large-scale dreaming” to test themselves in the Yosemite national park. The excursion was, apparently, strategy as part of their first bridal anniversary celebrations.

They flew to the US on 11 September with acquaintances who were also experienced climbers, and had blogged about their readyings and training for the adventure.

Andrew, initially from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, who worked as a sales rep for the outdoor robe and gear busines Patagonia, was pictured on Instagram in the national park searching depleted but smiling on the day before the tragedy.

He and his wife, initially from Market Drayton, Shropshire, were also keen skiers, and he proposed in the French Alps in March 2015. They married in a yurt in August 2016.

On their blog, Cam and Bear, they wrote:” We are a young married couple who enjoy nothing more than get out and having adventures in the mountains together. We are not extreme players and describe ourselves plainly as passionate weekend warriors. We hope to inspire other people to get out and experience the natural world .”

Alex Beasley, Patagonia’s country manager for UK and Ireland, said:” It is with much sadness that we mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague Andrew Foster, who was killed in a appalling accident in Yosemite.

” He was a much-loved member of our squad and a heartfelt climber, mountaineer and skier who loved is available on the outdoors.

” Our thoughts and condolences are with his wife, Lucy, and their families. We offer them our deepest compassions .”

Andrew often worked out of the Up and Under climbing accumulate in Cardiff.

The couple had practised for their tour to Yosemite by clambering cliffs in Cornwall and Pembrokeshire and Lucy told friends the latter are both” Yosemite virgins “.

On their return from America they planned to travel around the Alps for a year” skiing, climbing and being extreme” and had bought a van for the journey.

Fellow works at Up and Under later set a statement on their website describing former work Andy as “inspirational”.

It said:” Andy Foster was an inspirational member of the Up and Under kinfolk. He was a highly regarded member of staff for five years, before “hes taking” a place with Patagonia. He remained a dedicated friend of Up and Under, and was regularly to be found in the store.

” His ardour for the outdoors, and mountains including with regard to, was enormous and virulent. Andy and Lucy’s goals upon reverting from Yosemite were, with the help of Andy’s father, to covert a van into a motorhome to enable them to explore the European Alps for the next twelve months

” It was then our hope that Andy would return to Up and Under in a part hour consultative role, whilst he also chased other ambitions. Andy was highly respected, enjoyed and his loss will be sorely appeared by us all. Our contemplates are with Lucy and members of their families .”

In a Facebook tribute, friend Jess Spate described him as” ever cheerful” and everyone who had clambered with him would remember” his good humour and unrivalled sense of adventure “.

” There’s nobody I’d rather climb a rapidly thawing frozen cascade with at 2am on a employment darknes. None better to play hangman with at midnight in Cardiff City Hall, waiting to impersonate beautiful female ninjas. Nobody better to be topping out of a mountain route with when the climate turned “. He added:” Go hard your best friend. May the skies ever be clear for you and the thermometer remain below -5 .”

Scott Gediman, from Yosemite national park, speaking, on Thursday said:” With all the craziness I don’t exactly know where they were going but opportunities are they were going up. From what I understand the were buried under boulder … they were crushed by falling rocks .”

They were the only known fatalities despite “ve been with” groupings of other climbers when the line of downfalls struck.

One witness, Mike Kane, tweeted that the downfall was ” very loud”, adding it was a” miracle more[ were] not hurt “. A second rockfall at the site on Thursday left one person injured.

A Foreign Office spokesman said:” We are in contact with the local governments and providing assistance to both families at this very difficult time .”

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