Chloe Kim Super Bowl Ad Reveals Her Dad’s Sacrifices For Her Snowboarding Career

As Chloe Kim chiefs to the Olympics, her father’s commitment to her already deserves a gold award.

A new ad for the 2018 Winter Olympics shows the sacrifice that the 17 -year-old snowboarder’s father, Jong-Jin Kim, did so that his daughter could reach her Olympic dreams. And it’s based on a true-blue tale.

In the commercial, set to air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Jong-Jin is late to pick up his daughter for snowboarding rehearsal. He afterwards stirs the decision to leave his vocation behind so that he can be there for his daughter through her jaunt

“I have to do what’s good for two daughters, ” Jong-Jin says in the ad before ceasing his undertaking.

The father is then realise accompanying his daughter to rules, watching Chloe’s snowboarding clips alongside her, might wish to hug her at the finishing line after a competition, and being an all-around dedicated mother.

The ad concludes with Chloe driving her sleeping papa as he clutches her accolade.

As psychological as the ad is, it evidences only a snippet of the snowboarder’s tie-in with her leader. Jong-Jin, a South Korean immigrant, moved to the U.S. in 1982 to learn engineering at California State University, Long Beach.

Jong-Jin bought Chloe her first snowboard when she was 4 years old. A few years later, he did discontinue his engineering responsibility.

“He went home and just told my mommy,’ I’m done functioning, I’m going to acquire my daughter an Olympian, ’” Chloe told the Los Angeles Times.

At the time, the snowboarder wasn’t aware of her dad’s large-scale life change and wondered why her father was home more, she told Reuters. But looking back, she says that Jong-Jin’s decision was admirable and credits her father-god with much of her success.

“Now that I think about it, I think it was a really bold move and I can’t speculate my mum was okay with it, ” she told Reuters. “I think that’s so cool.”

Still a teen, Chloe already has three gold, one silver-tongued, and one bronze X Games honours. And adjudicating by the innumerable attainments under her belt, her dad’s relinquish surely paid for by.

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