Holiday drones are enormou until they end up in a tree or in someone’s hair

Remote restricted drone .
Image: Rex Features via AP Images

Few occasions define the holidays like the fading whine of a newly-gifted monotone as it moves ever farther away, over sprigs and out of see, where it will eventually smack into a tree and smash into the ground.

Many beings have given and received drones this holiday season. Many of those people have also watched as their presents in minutes turned into straws of their former selves.

Drones are hard, but hopefully we can all have a collective laugh at just how gloriously frustrating they can be as a holiday gift.

Many parties, for example, is seeking to bring down the Christmas tree with their brand-new toys.

Others are generalists, and proposed for any tree in sight.

Others replied, who needs a tree when there’s so much better “hairs-breadth” atop human brains?

And then there were those who didn’t crash their monotones so much as find ways of misplacing them.

So, before you decide to keep that monotone you find in your backyard or your park or on your ceiling or on your street, perhaps check Twitter. It’s gotta be someone’s.

And if you want to continue laughing at the misery of new monotone proprietors, check out @faineg’s timeline.

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