Bell Curve author Charles Murray speaks out after speech break short by demonstrations

Author of widely discounted study of intelligence says opponents of his teach looked like they had come from casting for a cinema of brownshirt rallies

The controversial author of The Bell Curve, Charles Murray, has attacked murderous complains that left one disabled and shut down his speech at an upper-class US college as straight out of throw for a movie of brownshirt rallyings, after a protest by students descended into vigorous confrontation.

In the two decades since Murray and his co-author Richard J Herrnstein wrote The Bell Curve, its linking of black and Latino genetics with scholastic inferiority has attracted vociferous judgment. Writing for the New York Times when it came out in 1994, columnist Bob Herbert described the book as a scabrous fragment of ethnic pornography masquerading as serious fellowship, while the Southern Poverty Law Center accused Murray of has become a white-hot nationalist who use racist pseudoscience and misinforming statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the black and Latino parishes, women and the poor.

On Thursday, students at Middlebury College in Vermont, turned their backs and shouted dissents including, prejudiced, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away! at the social scientist when he took the stage at an occurrence. The college then moved his talk to an undisclosed campus orientation, where it was live-streamed back to the original venue, but it could not hear you say above protesters sings, feet-stamping and occasional smoke alarms.

When Murray and Professor Allison Stanger, who was hosting the contest, tried to leave the building, the exit was obstructed as students surged forwards.

Writing on his blog, Murray said demonstrators surrounded a vehicle to benefit from take him from the venue. So numerous objectors bordered the car, banging on the sides and the windows and rocking the car, climbing onto the hood, that[ the move] had to inch forward lest he run over them, he wrote. As they went in the car, a objector attracted Stangers hair, twisting her neck. She was treated at a hospital and released.

In a statement, college chairman Laurie L Patton condemned the student objectors for failing to live up to our core values. She added: Today our community begins the relevant procedures of addressing the deep and troubling fractions that were on display last-place night.

Middlebury alumni had expressed disappointment and frighten that the republican academic had been invited to the campus. Though they expressed their support for free speech in a letter addressed to college governments, they stated that they accepted basic principles did not apply to Murray because of what they described as the questionable character of his research.

The Bell Curve has been roundly refuted and criticized by sociologists, psychologists and political scientists alike, more than 450 alumni wrote. Yet Dr Murray does not seem to be the kind of scholar who greets thoughtfully to analysi of his findings, biases or methodology. He has actually continued to produce more labor distinguished by the same disdain for basic standards of research and peer review.

They lent: Since Dr Murrays judgments are not worth engaging on these soils, this can hardly be called an reason for open, thorough academic debate.

In an clause for the American Enterprise Institute, Murray refuted his critics and claimed some objectors were just having a snarky good time as college undergrads have been known to do, dancing in the alley to the tempo of the melodies. Nonetheless, he said: Many looked like they had come straight out of casting for a film of brownshirt revivals. In some clients, I is simply describe their seeings as crazed and their looks as snarls.

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