Climbers approach conference of Mount Everest after 2 years of disasters | Fox News

Mt. Everest is is evident from the best way of Kalapatthar in Nepal, in 2015. ( AP Photo/ Tashi Sherpa, File)

Climbers are making good progress on Mount Everest and the first group could contact the summit as soon as is Thursday, following two years of disasters on the world’s highest mountain, a mountaineering officer said Tuesday.

Nearly 300 foreign climbers and their navigates are attempting to reach the 8,850 -meter( 29,035 -foot) summit.

Nepal Mountaineering Department official Gyanendra Shrestha, who is stationed at the basi clique, said the last camp at South Col has been set up and the route to the summit was being fastened on Tuesday.

The South Col, or Camp 4, is located at about 8,000 meters( 26,240 hoofs) altitude and is the latest home for climbers to pause before they try to reach the summit. Tents there have basic gear, affords and oxygen cylinders.

He said climate was favorable for clambering with exclusively light snows descending Tuesday.

Nepal is hoping for a safe 2016 season, after an avalanche activated by a powerful earthquake killed 19 climbers and injured 61 others at base clique last year. In 2014, 16 Sherpa navigates were killed by an avalanche above the base camp.

The two calamities primarily exhausted the heyday. Last-place year’s clambering season was scoured, and nearly all of the climbers in 2014 vacated their strives after the avalanche. The only team who reached the summit that year from the Nepal side was a Chinese woman and her five Sherpa guides.

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