Here Are 10 Of The Dumbest Jumps This Daredevil Guy Has Ever Did

Whenever I went on lake tours with my family as a kid, we’d all enjoy rushing off of cliffs into the irrigate below.

Of course, those sinks seemed much longer when I was younger, but my mothers ever did sure that the bumpy arenas weren’t high enough that we’d end up hurting ourselves when we thump the irrigate. However, the risks associated with our vacation recreation are nowhere near the dangers that this person regularly places himself in.

YouTuber ig: 8Booth is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie who loves to jump from lieu that are so high they’d make anyone a panic attack — or vertigo.

1. This jump into Newport Harbor is 129 paws high-pitched, and he comes terrifyingly closely connected to smacking the dock.

YouTube/ ig: 8Booth

2. Here’s a great way to fall instantly onto hard rocks and burst your legs.

YouTube/ ig: 8Booth

3. Severely, any closer to those rocks and he was able to get a intelligence hurt.

YouTube/ ig: 8Booth

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4. There is so much room for lack( and demise) here.

YouTube/ ig: 8Booth

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5. As if this wasn’t dangerous enough — but go ahead, include a back throw for good measure.

6. I’m candidly stunned he’s still alive at this time.

YouTube/ ig: 8Booth

7. How is that at all deep enough to jump into ?!

YouTube/ ig: 8Booth

8. It must feel like reaching concrete from that stature.

YouTube/ ig: 8Booth

9. I was 100 percentage assured that he would smack the leading edge of the cliff.

YouTube/ ig: 8Booth

10. Okay , now you’re putting other beings at risk.

YouTube/ ig: 8Booth

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Well, I’ll give him this — he emphatically is a courageous guy. To check out more of the adrenaline junkie’s fear-inducing videos, inspect his YouTube canal.

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