Giant Slugs Are Breaking Into Bird Nests And Gobbling The Chicks

Telling-off: This pole contains a graphic image of injured chick hatchlings

The hunter has become the hunted in the age-old battle between slug and bird.

Biologists from Poland have documented their accidental disclosure of cigar-sized bullets clambering into bird dens then damaging and gobbling the chicks. Their investigate can be found in the Journal of Avian Biology.

The investigates note that carnivorous behaviour is rare among earthbound slugs and snails. There hasbeen the peculiar report of slugs criticizing nestlings over the past century, but theres been very little analyze into the behavior, or how often it occurs.

Now theyve pinpointed the prime suspects as the Red slug Arion rufus , the Black bullet Arion ater , and the invasive Spanish slug Arion vulgaris.

The actual instant of bullets predating on nestlings isnt easy-going to observe, Katarzyna Turzaska of the University of Wroclaw in Poland told New Scientist. You are more likely to come across the retraces of the tragedy: dead or alive snuggles with heavy traumata, covered in gunk and often slugs fells obtained nearby.

The attack itself is pretty horrific and leaves brands the hell is categorically different to other predators. The subject interprets the body is typically covered in a thick sludge, while suffering from punctures in the stomach, immense hurts on the wing, back, neck or psyche, partially eaten muscles or greenbacks, and even the loss of eyes.

How the slugs find the nests remains a riddle. Although slugs see the perfume of a potential banquet, they investigates have no ground to show this is true. In knowledge, they think its much more likely the bullets simply stumble upon the nests by chance.

However, as you can imagine, slugs are not the most athletic of predators. So how do they get away with it? According to the study, it could be the chicks dont realise bullets as a danger to their young.

Bird hatchlingssuffering from some pretty heavy harms from an arion bullet, interpreted left. Traynor Biasiolli

[ H/ T: New Scientist]

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