Oregon Woman Searches For Evidences After Biking Incident Left Her With Broken Bones, Memory Loss

An Oregon woman is searching for answers after an incident on a bicycle road left her with facial ruptures, seven missing teeth, a fractured jaw, brain injury, a concussion, a shattered side and no recall of the incident.

KOIN-TV reported Tuesday that Skjelse Rapoch was going her motorcycle along the Columbia Slough River Trail when the incident happened. She told the terminal she slightly recollects leaving the house to meet her husband at the Portland International Raceway at around 8 p. m. when his friend received her injured.

I got a phone call from my friend Eddie reading, Hey, I met your wife. You need to get here right now, Jeff Rapoch articulated. She was in the middle of the itinerary and her bicycle was on one side she was sort of sitting outside and looking around certainly kind of bewildered.

Her husband saw at first that she went over the handlebars. But physicians assessed her and determined that her harms werent consistent with someone who had been in a motorcycle crash. She wouldve broken her cervix or shoulder.

Jeff Rapoch said that he found a boulder near where his wife gate-crashed, which attains him see she couldve been assaulted. Nonetheless, police decided the bloodied rock-and-roll wasnt enough to investigate.

Skjelse Rapoch told me that she will now think twice about biking alone at night and said she was grateful for wearing a helmet while riding.

It saved my life, she added.

Anyone with informed about the accident is urged to call Portland police.

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