One of the Best Budget Phones Just Got Cheaper

We’ve all had smartphones for the better part of a decade, yet their costs just seem to keep climbing. High-end phones seem to cost $800+ now. Don’t told a monthly payment plan clown you, that’s a ton of fund for a machine that likely won’t last-place you more than two years.

There are some Android telephones under $500 that do the trick, but execution goes mucky when you wade into the $200 – $ 300 price–which is exactly the kind of the cost there is a desire “weve all” paying for these devices. The Moto X4 has been an exception to that pattern, and it’s on deep deduction this week.

We reviewed the Moto in October ( 8/ 10, paying our begrudged WIRED Recommends give ), and it remains one of “the worlds largest” balanced telephones you can get on the cheaper goal of things. Normally, it’s about $400, but this week it’s down to $300 at most retailers and $280 if you buy the Amazon Prime Exclusive or Google versions.

Where It’s On Sale:

$280 ($ 120 off) Opened on Amazon $300 ($ 100 off) Unlocked on $300 ($ 100 off) Unlocked on Best Buy $249 ($ 150 off) Android One form on Google Fi $325 ($ 75 off) Opened on Walmart $325 ($ 75 off) Opened on

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