One artist’s seek to capture her excursions led to these dazing paintings of wild women.

Amanda Sandlin is only 27, but she’s lived in a van, on a vessel, and on both culminates of the world.

And not in a cliched, “quit your job and prosecute your dreams” kind of course. In reality, through hard work and finding, she’s detected a direction to make adventuring her position . You could nearly call adventuring her family’s business.

Photo by Kris Holbrook, used with permission.

“I grew up on cruise ships, ” she excuses, where her mommy instruct arts and crafts and ballroom dancing. Embarking after first tier, she was homeschooled — or, rather, “shipschooled” half the year, and homeschooled on a farm in Pennsylvania for the remaining time.

“It’s fairly odd, ” she chortles, looking back on how rare her upbringing was.

Amanda’s unconventional start in life produced her to develop a gallant being — one that would take her to residence that most simply dream of .

“It’s so simple for me to be moving, ” she says. Though she returned to the mainland for high school and college, it took only a few months in the traditional wield world for Amanda to be recognised that she belonged back away on an adventure.

This time, she turned to the outdoors, reading about and watching people who ran clambering, biking, surfing . “I grew up traveling but I never certainly did much outdoors substance, ” she says. “I started envisaging, ‘I would cherish that kind of life.’”

Photo by Gianni S. Visciano, used with permission.

Finally, she decided to stop longing for it and start living it. “I packed up my auto and my feline, and I drove to San Francisco.”

Throwing caution to the wind, Amanda chased her passions wherever they resulted her — the whole way around the world.

But not before going a writing errand at a company whose hires labor remotely, permitting her to roam and clamber wherever she preferred . When she tired of weekends in Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, she took off for New Zealand.

After a year, she returned to the States, but her escapades were far from over.

“That’s when I was like, you are familiar with, I’m single, I don’t feel like anywhere is home to me, so why don’t I only construct out a van and movement until I find the place that tones good? ”

Photo by Amanda Sandlin, used with permission.

In her van, affectionately mentioned Penny, Amanda looped her space all over Northern america.

“I started in Florida and extended up the east coast to Maine. Then I drove out to Colorado, up through Oregon and Washington to British Columbia, and I stayed there for a while, ” she remembers. “I drove down to southern California, up through New Mexico, and then made a loop back to Colorado.”

She decided to settle in Denver, where she lives now with her salvage hound, Dewey.

Though she’s no longer traveling full-time, Amanda is by no means back on the beaten path.

While out on the road leading, her work shifted gradually from writing into designing and now, she’s a full-time freelance master.

Photo by Amanda Sandlin, used with permission.

“It happened pretty naturally, ” she says. As her work assignments became more and more visual, she started teaching herself graphic intend and creating activities of her own on the side.

Image via Amanda Sandlin.

She inaugurated posting her assignments online, and parties started striving her out for commissioned operate. “That’s how I got my freelance patrons, ” she says. “They came to me.”

Soon after, she left her remote place to live off her skill alone .

In her skill, Amanda strives to capture the minds of the adventurousness — her own, and that of women like her.

Image via Amanda Sandlin.

“I’m genuinely inspired by the women who are willing to venture into the wilderness, whether that’s mountains and groves or weeding through the difficult stuff you’re doing on the inside, ” she says. That exploration invigorates the photographs she describes of wild women.

Image via Amanda Sandlin.

“I draw a lot of women with their whisker blowing in the wind. I see I like that gesture of the “hairs-breadth”, ” she says.

“You know when you’re walking outside, on a shuttle or something, and your mane continues blow and you keep trying to set it back, bobby pin it, placed it in a ponytail, but it prevents blowing in your face, and finally there’s that moment where you just let it go? ” she expects.

“It’s like a terminated release, and that, to me, is the type of help feeling that I aim to captivate in my artwork.”

Image via Amanda Sandlin

Perhaps most interesting about Amanda is the fact that she doesn’t think of herself as brave.

In fact, she thinks that anyone, really, could do what she does. Adventuring, she says, is not inevitably packing up a van called Penny and thoughts out on the road leading. ” The wilderness is the internal and the external and being OK with not being OK.”

The satisfaction that she has gone from being free to be outdoors, on escapades, to climb across the country and captivating prowes in sort, is well worth the struggle required to form her lifestyle wreak. And, she says, she hopes that others are inspired to find ways to pursue their own adventures, too.

“It’s terrifying to make a change, or to chase after what the hell are you want, ” she says. “But it’s never, it’s rarely easy. It’s never going to feel exclusively good. But it’s certain challenges, and that’s what stirs you grow.”

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