Olympics 2016 daily briefing: Rio countdown embarks as football kickings off

With a daylight to tour until Rio hoists the curtain on its opening ceremony, womens football makes a record-breaking start and the hasten is on to load empty seats

Welcome to the first of our everyday Olympics briefings, as Rio 2016 doesnt actually get underway, but starts closer to getting under way. Friday is the day to crack out the caxirolas or, if youre in the UK, to have your scathing well, its not exactly the Queen jumping out of a helicopter, is it? ways ready as the opening ceremony toots in government officials commencing from the Games.

Every day well bring you a catch-up of all the previous days highlightings, the coming daylights must-sees and anything else that catches our gaze. Id say it was an -AZ of “the worlds” greatest boasting episode, but until Zorbing is accepted as an Olympic sport, its merely the A( rchery) to W( restling, Greco-Roman ).

The big picture

In the unofficial start to the Games, theres already been some football, although not many spectators seem to have realised. We have our first enter of the Games, though, with the fastest goal in Olympic womens football biography tallied by Canadas Janine Beckie in the first hour against Australias Matildas.

No 16 Janine Beckie scores Canadas first purpose at Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo. Picture: Alexandre Schneider/ Getty Images

Canada won the parallel 2-0, as did the USA in their game against New Zealand, during which what the crowd paucity in width it made up for in satire, hollering Zika at US goalkeeper Hope Solo after her mosquito-repelling tweets ahead of her sojourn in Brazil.

Rounding off the first batch of womens football matches, Brazil pulsated China 3-0, Sweden beat South Africa 1-0, Germany squished Zimbabwe 6-1, and France surfaced Colombia 4-0.

With around 80% of the 7.5 m tickets sold and with deathly-quiet venue not being the opening accord re-examine organisers were daydream of more than 200,000 tickets will now be given away to schoolchildren, who, even if they cant be guaranteed to stay in their benches, is absolutely be relied upon to make a heartening ruckus.