Olympic Spirit: In An Amazing Act Of Unity, North And South Korean Athletes Have Been Labor Together To Convince Shaun White Hes Dead

Even in times of war, the supremacy of sport has helped enemy nations put aside their differences and are working together during the Olympics. Now, during the 2018 Winter Competition in Pyeongchang, two people that ought to have partitioned for over 70 years have worked together in a symbolic act: In an amazing establish of solidarity, Northern korean and South Korean athletes have been working together to reassure Shaun White he’s dead.

Wow, this is a huge step for serenity on the Korean Peninsula. This is what the games are all about!

While the last time that North and South Korea engaged in talks was more than two years ago, the estranged countries worked together at the games yesterday to trick U.S. snowboarder Shaun White into believing that he died in a snowboarding coincidence long prior to the Olympics, and in fact no longer exists in any physical sense. Though circumstances could have easily been tense, a delegation from both countries digested on either side of the two-time gold medalist and presented him digitally-altered footage of his body being carried off a half-pipe after smashing his cervix, as well as obituaries and suffering salutes from his loved ones!

Truly, the Olympic spirit is alive and well in each step these North and South Korean athletes take to acquire Shaun White believe he’s protruded strolling the afterlife as an invisible wraith for all eternity. Just hours after both countries came together, Shaun reportedly believed that the opening ceremonies were actually his funeral, and was find slapping himself while muttering the words “Maybe I was never alive in the first place” to himself over and over again.

Just staggering. Anything can happen at the Olympics.

At the end of the day , no matter how many metals the two countries win at the Winter Recreation , good-for-nothing will be worth more than the see of Shaun White grieving in front of a memorial they acquired with his epithet and a May 9, 2017 demise year on it. And who knows? If all goes well, this is likely to be be the beginning of a most peaceful era for North and South Korean relations!

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