‘ Nice Guys’ From Hell: 49 Women Share Nightmare Stories From The Friend Zone

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1. He was pissed that I wasn’t dating him so he told everyone I had AIDS.

I went to a jolly small-scale college in northern Colorado. My freshman time I befriended a nice guy mentioned R. R discontinued up pledging with a sorority. I went on a couple of dates with a person from R’s frat I fantasized things were going well then the person I dated just stopped responding to me. A knot of other people involved in the Greek community and lots of people in my dorm started “re giving me” amusing watches or speeches would resolve as soon as I came in the chamber. Apparently he was pissed that I wasn’t dating him so he told everyone I had AIDS. I culminated up transferring academies because of that guy.

2. He separated in my house to steal my medication and left a document saying that he hoped being off it attained me kill myself.

Was friends with a person for years, and then he asked me out while I was in a relationship. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t reacted to me supposing no by going on a harangue about how heedless I was because he’d been your best friend for so long, and he’d been so nice to me, and no one else would have fastened around when I’d been so crazy.

He finished up by breaking in a few days later to steal my prescription and left a observe saying that he hoped being off it obligated me kill myself.

3. 3 years later he still shows up to my places of work.

Dude I dated for while always deplored where reference is firstly started used to go about how girls ever screwed him over, nice guys finished last etc. etc. He told me his stories and I felt so sorry for him. After a few months together he turned out to be the most possessive absurd being I’ve ever encountered. I couldn’t hang out with your best friend , not even lovers, he even threw on me for hanging out with my BROTHER and granting him a hug. Wtf ?? I lastly dropped him when I got my first teeny minuscule tattoo and he slut shamed me for a few eras directly. He told me how if I chose to be a pierced and tatted party( I had plugs and nose penetrates when he met me) that I was to choose their own promiscuous life and he finds that to be the most unattractive event in the world. Yeah okay sidekick, buh bye. Three years later he still shows up to my homes of occupation. He proved up at my current undertaking 2 day after I started working there

4. He precisely drops my crutches on the flooring and paths away.

A random guy impounded my crutches for me as I strolled down some stairs at uni. He seemed neat and joked about how he formerly burst a foot, it’ll was better, etc. etc. We get to the bottom and he asked him if we could get some coffee. I thank him, but tell him I’m seeing someone so he exactly put my crutches on the flooring and steps away.

5. Emails is most often go like: paragraph about how I’m a hooker, paragraph about how nice he is, paragraph about how lonesome he is.

Harassed me for 6 months after we stopped talking, was verbally abusive and announced me every gendered slur in the book and retained building new email reports as I impeded them to inform me he was a nice guy and asking me to assistant him find a GF because nice guys deserve GFs.

Emails would generally go like: paragraph about how I’m a harlot, paragraph about how nice he is, paragraph about how lonely he is.

I’ve never actually told anyone about what happened and it seems healthy to get it off my chest. The whole act reeks of 4chan, undoubtedly. as long as I’m oversharing he too posted a revealing word-painting I mailed online ok bye.

6. It really hurts to realize that some’ friends’ are precisely sexually forestalled animals.

I’ve always been a tomboy and grown up with a lot of male acquaintances. Since reaching adulthood, I’ve also originate some tits. This combining of things contribute to most of my best guy friends asking me if they could ultimately ascertain my tits” since we’ve been friends for so long .” and subsequently fading when I answered no. It’s depressing enough when I realize that a person I’m into simply wants to bang, but it really hurt when the guys I thought were actual human being, with whom I’d developed deep multi-year friendships, were just sexually forestalled animals. So yeah, I’ve got some trust questions now.

7. I called the cops and now I have a restraining notice against him.

Pretended to be interested in me, we developed a great friendship 3 strong times at the time. Then I met my future husband, he noticed that I have never been so interested and in love with person. He would explain sarcastically on our drawings on Facebook. He then acknowledged his love for me and sidestep me to leave him by saying that he has put up with my shit for so long. In my security, he never depicted nostalgic sake. He lived in Texas, he drove all the way to California to bombard me at 3am, threatening to kill himself If I don’t ever affection him back, would be in danger of hurt my husband and such. I called the cops and now I have a restraining order against him.

8. He tried flowing me over with a truck when I was on holiday

That one time he tried passing me over with a truck when I was on holiday.

9. He didn’t dispense with. For FIVE years.

I went to an extremely conservative and small college. Our freshman class was fairly minuscule as in you would know everyone by reputation in your class.

There was a guy I filled on the first day of class and he seemed nice. We had a usual conversation( good-for-nothing out of the ordinary ). Two days later, he texted me. I never gave him my multitude and the only person who had my numeral was my roommate and she blasphemes she never gave him my number.

Cue the constant messages asking me how my date was and if I wanted to meet up or hang out. I politely told him that I didn’t want to date anyone at the moment and I was focused on school.

He didn’t give up. For FIVE years. He messaged me with various numbers, emails, and mail me notes. He would threaten every single person who would talk to me.

Worst part was when I learned that he and his frat sidekicks had announced to everyone in the first week of freshman year that I was his girlfriend and that I was off the market.

Pretty much “ve ruined my” college suffer to its implementation of having a social life.

10. I drum the shit out of him.

I knew a guy in college that took the fact that I was sexual with some other beings to indicate that I wanted to be so with him.

I gave him know in no uncertain terms that I didn’t like him, was not attracted to him, did not want to fuck him, or be in any sort of relationship.

He preserved staying his toe over the line though , not enough to authorize a major reply, but still pushing it.

One night at a party he attacked me onto a berth and started seeking me, trying to take my invests off, etc.

I’m not sure what he was thinking, given the differences in our lengths and temperament.

I overpowered the shit out of him.

Due to the pain I’ve seen sexual assault cause some of my very close friends in the past and the greater than average disgust of rapists I have as a result, I likely became room extremely far.

At least from a law point of view.

However, that intent the problem.

11. The guy impeded transmitting me e-mails well after three years.

Pretty much any person who switches vigorous when you are show them you’re not interested.

At least in my own experience, when people are interested they try to be friends with you thinking you’ll change your attention at some extent and then get really weird when that doesn’t happen and discontinue the friendship. It sucks. When I remark I’m not interested, I certainly make it. I don’t like to be preceded on so I wouldn’t do it to others.

I got into a stupid statu when I was a kid and the guy continued casting me e-mails well after 3 years. It’s been over a decade now but whenever I set up a new social media account I ever look up his epithet and obstruct him.

12. He texts to ask if I thought he was nice, then proceeds to mail 4 dick pics and asks me to come back.

Where do I start?

Met a person online dating( his chart actually started with “nice guy”) and chit-chat for a few weeks before satisfying up. Had moved it exceedingly clear that I wanted to see if our chemistry existed in real life but wasn’t going to sleep with him on first sight. Met up with him and he talked perpetually about how he hadn’t had copulation in weeks and needed to break his shortage. I leave, he texts be interested to know whether I thought he was nice, then proceeds to transmit 4 dick pics and asks me to come back. Gets so offended when I articulated no, calls to beg me to come over for sex so I can help him with” his place” because he’s a nice guy.

13. He was so nice he was attempting to crime me.

He was my college apartment-mate and a friend of a friend. He seemed OK, but he was a little strange.

He would come to my bedroom doorway and talk to me. He’d hang on the door and smile and tell me that homework was for losers and I should hang out with him. When I asked him to leave me alonewhen I asked for anything, reallyhe’d push back a liiittttle bit more and more, until I started to feel upset. Then he’d make a pun and leave.

He did unsolicited happens, magnificent gestures. Write a sweetened poem or give an appalling quantity of work into a present or favor.

He’d tell me we needed to talk. That he felt like he was putting all the effort into our friendship, and it really hurt his feelings. I detected after each of these, somehow.

He would constitute challenging commentaries about everything I did, ever with enough conceivable deniability.” Whatcha doing ?”” Why are you doing it acces ?”” That’s stupid. Why don’t you do it this direction ?”” Well, you suck .”

There were many gags at my expense “thats been” juuust harmless enough to tolerate, and many conversationsin big radicals, particularlythat he would steer to use peer pres to do me talking here my personal life.

TL ;D R: He was so nice he was attempting to crime me.

14. I recollect him announcing,’ pronounce my reputation ,’ and I would. Over and over, until I blacked out.

We were hanging out and he gave me a cranberry-and-vodka with three more hits in it than I reckoned. Then he gave me two more. I recollect throwing up. I recollect him articulating,’ answer my name ,’ and I would. Over and over, until I blacked out.

When I woke up, he was fondling me. I lay there for a moment and tell him stroke me because I was so tired. After about 5 seconds, I got out of couch and told him he needed to leave. He asked why, and I told him that I didn’t remember anything since the bathroom. He pushed, like he always does, but I pushed back and he moved out. THAT’S when the defenses started.

First, he didn’t know what he was doing. He’d been drinking! Later, he said he knew what he’d been doing, he recognise, and he was very sorry! When I realized I couldn’t sleep, I texted our friend, asking her how I could have led this person on. What I had I done wrong? I texted pretty much endlessly for the coming few hours, but she was asleep and never picked up.

Friends helped me are coming out. Some of them asked me what I’d done to lead him on, which built me disbelieve myself more. I was afraid to be alone and afraid to bath, but I always seemed dirty and desperate to get clean. After a few eras that went away.

I talked to other friends, who told me about their own, previously unrevealed, events. I was blindsided by these. Some implied that because they got through it ok, I’d be fine, nbd. Eventually I largely forgot about it.

And in writing this, I only just recognise he wasn’t too drink to know it was wrong. He actually strategy it. I wish I’d pressed indictments.( Yes, I am an stupid .)

15. He switched academies for me, wrote chants for me, exclaimed for me, warned me when I had a bf, and tried to kill himself.

There was a guy who was in love with me since high school, I’m not sure if he still is today. Basically, he swopped academies for me, wrote chants for me, cried for me, threatened me when I had a bf, and tried to kill himselfthis part, I’m not sure if it was for me, or for his papa, still establishes me feel really guilty even though we were never together.

I exactly hope he moves on and receives someone nice.

16. He behaved like I was being a stereotypical’ – fucking bitch’ sorta person for cold-shouldering him.

He mopes, tells everyone we are aware I maliciously burst his center, but still tries to hang out with me. At first I do attempt to be friends but the repeated guilt trips prove to be too fucking annoying. He too apparently is ensure some good girlfriends who’ dislikes me’ because he CONSTANTLY TELLS HER HE’S NOT OVER ME. He seems to get comfort out of telling me this. Last experience I viewed him, after telling him I couldn’t talk to him anymore, he acted like I was being a stereotypical’ crazy bitch’ sorta person for cold-shouldering him.

And that, your best friend, is more garbagey NiceGuy I have ever encountered.

17. He seemed bizarre but neat at first, but then he would talk about assassinating people.

When I was younger there was this teenager that no one would talk to, so I decided to be a nice person and be his acquaintance. He seemed spooky but nice at first, but then he would talk about assassinating parties, fibs about celebrity girls get raped and liking it( all false, I even Googled it to give him potential benefits of the doubt ). He would swap between speak about how it’d be so nice to have me take his last name and threatening to assault and carnage me. Eventually it went too far and he chased me into the road after he was not allowed back in the school for provoking me. I roughly got hit by a car but I literally ran into the side of my mom’s car before I could be seriously hurt.

18. Upon politely refusing, I was subjected to every sex insult you could think of whilst being told what an moronic I am for passing up such a stand-up guy.

I’m paranoid about contributing beings on. I’m petite with large-scale breasts and doe eyes so I seem to give the’ young exploitable anime daughter’ vibe.
I hung out with a person( we watched and chit-chat ). Before he came over I literally responded’ I am not looking for a relationship. Please don’t ask to be more than sidekicks’ as I has only go out of a long-term relationship.

Of course that apparently translated to him asking me out via text as soon as he got home. Upon politely slumping, I was subjected to every sex slur you could think of whilst being told what an moron I am for delivering up such a stand-up guy.

Thus began his two-year expedition of stalking.

19. I came out to find a 12 -page letter pinned under my windshield wiper, detailing all of the ways I failed.

Senior year of high school, I dated a guy who was awesome on paper and all that, but we seems to not really click. Like, I got the sense he actually liked me but wasn’t particularly attracted to me( we’d make out, but basically were in a holding pattern from about appointment# 2 on, he’d seem happy to see me but at the same time never formerly told me I was pretty-not even when we was just going prom )… Anyway, elderly year is winding down and I thought, this is clearly just some school event and we’ll be broken up before I go to college, so I might as well discontinue it before he gets expended. I tried to be as style as possible, explained all the reasons he was great, detailed my reasons for resolving it, and that I sincerely hoped we’d be friends. He proceeded to πŸ˜› TAGEND

Show up at targets he never went to, simply because I’d be there.

Leave little notes, illustrations, flowers he picked, etc. on my auto( circumstances he never did when we were actually dating, BTW ).

If I didn’t immediately greet him when he arrived somewhere I was, he’d come over and interrupt any exchange I was having, merely reiterating,’ Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello’ until he was acknowledged. He would also wander off, then return to do it again at the least a few more days if I stayed there.

We never talked about birthdays while we were dating, but apparently, I missed his. I know this because I came out to find a 12 -page letter pinned under my windshield wiper, detailing all of the ways I neglected as a friend( item amount 3 was’ sidekicks give birthday placards ‘).

He petitioned my friends to tell me how pathetic he was and how I had broken his middle. Sometimes I’d gratify a friend of a friend who are able unexpectedly get this scared look on their appearance and allege,’ Oh, you’re THAT girl? ExBF has told me a great deal about you.’

When I finally met him and said,’ You know, we could have been at least friendly acquaintances, but the notes and you talking to your best friend, and that’ hello, hello’ trash precisely killed it for me. So leave me alone ,’ his response was,’ I should have known. Nothing will ever enjoy me. You precisely showed me I’m unlovable.’

Between summer and the commencement of college, he did leave me alone. Five months post-breakup, Thanksgiving weekend, I had university friends over at my family’s residence. At midnight, Thanksgiving night, my ex goes in the front opening without even knocking which he’d never once done while we were dating. He’d had a huge fight with his family, and for whatever conclude decided to come to My home. I didn’t want to freak out your best friend OR wake up my mothers, so I did him a goose sandwich, introduced it in a paper bag, and told him to get in my gondola. I drove him to another friend’s house and articulated,’ I’m trying to be kind because you’ve clearly had a bad night, but if I ever see you again, I’m going to call the police. Do not come back. Do not contact me again. Do not go to my mothers’ home again.’

Even worse? The next summer, my high school best friend informed me that they were’ in love’ and moving in together. I had told her everything that happened between us, but she merely knew she understood him better and could give him the desire he necessitated. Her happily ever after included πŸ˜› TAGEND

Excessive crying jags and feelings outbursts( all his)

Having to pay his invoices so he had been able to yield prescribed lithium pills

Coming home to their apartment to learn he’d not only destroyed all of their furniture but too done structural damage to the building

Having him disappear without a word for weeks at a time

Having him take all of her money and merely months later catch out he’d reconnected with some ex-girlfriend “whos” Germany-manufacturing LSD and scheduling great mountain biking trips

My( former) pal did not appreciate my chortling about how she was right, she clearly wound up knowing him better than I ever did. She supposed I’d be sympathetic, but that’s not really how I reel. I mostly alleged,’ I told you I craved him out of my life. I told you he was a psycho, but you told me I was wrong. Why would I want to talk to you about him now ?’

tl, dr: Senior time boyfriend became from not particularly involved while dating to semi-stalking, depicted up in the middle of the nighttime a few months later, and eventually became completely nuts after moving in with my former best friend.

20. He sexually assaulted me. He obliged me to take off my bra and then pegged me underneath him on the couch.

He was my best friend since persons under the age of like 4 or 5( same age) and essentially kinfolk. I had a shitty adolescent experience, suck too much style too young and hung out with bad beings, I lost almost all of my friends except this guy who stayed by me through thick and thin. Called me to check on me, ever invited me to recreation nighttimes, told me I was okay, formed “i m feeling” alright again. He never pushed me to do anything with him , nothing like that at all even though there were plenty of other people who did. We’d talk on the phone several times a week until the end and I was adamant we were only friendshe was fine with this and was dating and all of that. Cue a few years ago.

I had a mental breakdown one night and he came over to help me out but started acting weird. Missed me to cuddle in berth next to him to feel “closer to each other”( he had a steady girlfriend and I’m not okay with this either way) and gets upset about it, all while I’m crying and shaking uncontrollably on the couch.

We have a spooky rapport for a few months where I’m not cozy hearing him anymore but we still talk. One night I decided to invite him over to watch a movie like old times.

He sexually assaulted me. He coerced me to take off my bra and then pegged me underneath him on the sofa. Did it stuff that I announced no, and did he care? No, he deserved it and he had been a nice guy, a acquaintance, for so long. I articulated a thunderous no and it didnt affair, he wanted to do it again sometime, maybe regularly if I didnt mind.

I havent talked to him or you in years. I’ll never forgive you.

21. He lost it. He began insulting me, telling me I contributed him on.

I was 16 and quite lonely so I posted something on Tumblr so parties would message me. I included a 26 y/ o guy from NY( I am from Switzerland, so hour zones are different ). In my intellect it was clear and it seemed obvious that I didn’t want anything romantic as “were having” 10 years of change and I TOLD him that I simply missed a friend.

Well, after messaging for a while he told me he had to go to sleep and made me promise to continue to talk to him formerly he woke up. Weird but whatever I considered. Few hours later he messaged me and talked about how he wanted me to be his lover and so on. I told him again that I was only looking for a friend.

He lost it. He began insulting me, tell people I preceded him on( although there are I told him I was merely looking for a acquaintance when we first talked ). I objective up having to brick him because I couldn’t get him to calm down or to understand that I didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

I never made another berth to gratify new people online after that.

22. He flat-out screamed at me’ FUCK YOU! You’re just a cold bitch! I bet your boyfriend’s an asshole anyway !!!’

I was friends with this person for a couple times but was never interested in dating him. I was reasonably certain he was aware of that, and since he never pronounced or did anything that seemed to me like he was interested in me either, I expected “were in” legitimately friends. He never asked me out, he never made any explain even recommending he wanted anything more. We is really very close and had a lot of reciprocal friends. I never speculated anything else was going on.

Apparently, this was not the case. A couple daytimes after I got a new boyfriend, I modernize my affair status on Facebook. My’ sidekick’ requests me within like … two minutes of this update, and immediately starts shouting at me, demanding to know why he’ wasn’t good enough for me’ and why my lover’ was so much better than him .’ I tried to get him to calm down, but he merely preserved shrieking about how he was a’ nice guy’ and how he had’ always been so nice to me, why didn’t I ever give him a chance ?’ I calmly tried to explain to him that I never got any signals from him, and I didn’t think I ever did anything to lead him on or anything, and he hollered that’ he’s such a nice guy and doesn’t is in favour of friend-zoned like this.’

I stirred one final attempt to salvage the conversation and tried to explain that I was sorry if he seemed misled, but it also really hurt my senses that I thought he legitimately valued me as a person and wanted to be your best friend, but now he’s just mad I won’t sleep with him. He flat-out hollered at me’ FUCK YOU! You’re just a cold bitch! I bet your boyfriend’s an asshole regardless !!!’

I hung up on him and he never spoke to me again. Two years of relatively close friendship down the drain in one telephone call. It seemed somewhat shitty.

23. When I read and didn’t respond to his theme, he texted me’ hooker’ and’ fuck off I’m a nice guy.’

When I read and didn’t respond to his letter, he texted me’ floozy’ and’ fuck you I’m a nice guy .’ The irony…

24. He says he’s fine with friendship and says he understands me so much.

I haven’t had many, but I had a recent one. Met a guy at work briefly, subsequently see that he friended me on Facebook and asks me out. I supposed I wasn’t looking for a relationship, especially with all my job hardships. He says he’s fine with affection and told me that he understands me so much.

Over the next few weeks he moves me messages about “cat-o-nine-tails” or the weather, nonsense like that. Usually about four in a row, all about an hour apart. I don’t really greeting much.

Then the other date I wake up to a text that answers, “hey” so I write” hey what’s up .” I didn’t see that the first textbook was from the previous nighttime. He next text I get back says something like,” well I WAS going to invite “youve got to” “states parties ” last night but I see you were hanging out with other people. It’s too bad, I guess I’ll exactly remove your quantity. I could have loved you eternally .”

I text back basically saying what the hell is that all about ?? He then says that he couldn’t stand that I was with someone else and could I please understand.

I anticipated the words were aim because I converged him formerly, never hung out with him, had good reasons for not starting anything, and hitherto he tries to obligate me feel bad when I’m already not doing well.

25. He turned his chair over bolting up and started yelling about how I was a slut and squandered his time.

Met on a dating website between rapports. Described himself as neat and respectful.’ What a woman wants is important !’

We met at a seafood eatery and he was really nice and respectful. He tried to pull my chair out but I’d done it myself. I jokingly offered to pluck his chair out. We’d had a neat dinner but didn’t really’ click .’ He seemed perfectly fine. After the cutlets we talked about life points and then wrapped the dinner up. He asked me when he could see me again and I said ” I had a great time, but I am not sure two seconds appointment will work out. Good fluke dating !” and make my half of the dinner tab down. He’s been honest and so had I that we’d had a couple of other beings “on deck” and were just testing the waters.

He threw his chair over bolting up and started yelling about how I was a slut and squandered his time and if I wasn’t going to put under then I could have at least paid for my banquet( as my coin and a tip were already on the table ?)

I walked away and stopped doing dating sites.

Another’ nice guy’ contained me hostage in my shower at knifepoint because I broke up with him, but the other person was by far the worst.

26. He was pretty sure I was the girl that his mummy prayed for him to marry.

Oh, mortal. In the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college, I came home and volunteered to facilitate my parents’ church out because they were down a singer. The guy playing drums that Sunday asked for my count. He was kinda cute and seemed shy, so I said yes.

So we go out for coffee, he invites me to his house, and it’s early so I go with. It’s really awkward, but I seemed bad for the person because he wasn’t unattractive so he apparently precisely had really bad social sciences. At his home, he interposes me to his parents, whom he lives with. He tells them” This is the one from church I told you about !”

Then after his parents go to bed, he tells me how his momma had been’ praying for me to meet my wife at faith ,’ and then the coming week he did!

He then drove me back to my automobile( Nothing happened, of course, I felt too awkward to even sit on the same couch as him after he inadvertently told me ).

I stopped talking to him after that, and he transmitted me some really sad letters about how we had such a good linkage and yadda yadda yadda. I started dating someone not long after that and he transported me a message about how upset he was, because I obviously wasn’t “ready for a relationship” and how I had” lied to him ,” which I never did. He then proceeded to obstruct me on Facebook and Instagram. From time to time he’ll read me, and I will neglect him.

He didn’t get exceedingly attacking but that’s what I think of when I hear’ nice guy.’

I’m a Christian, and I’m all for praying with your spouse, but this is TOO FAR to go on a first time. So crazy.

27. He proceeded to act like a victim of’ the friend zone’ and complain that she didn’t like’ nice guys.’

A friend of mine thought he was the’ nice guy .’ He was pretty smitten with a girl he’d congregated on the school bus. Over such courses of the school year your best friend πŸ˜› TAGEND

* Would lick his lips violently and slam on the table whenever he saw her from a distance

* Tell everyone around when she would wear yoga breathes in the most obvious direction possible( loudly pronouncing ” look at her ass !”

* Regularly lunged his hips towards her whenever he stood behind her

* Get visibly conjured when she sat next to him on the bus

* Constantly go into her class for our photo class and take photographs of her cleavage/ ass on the teacher’s camera and not even bother to erase the SD card. Tried to get upskirt creep fires and got caught by the teacher

* Constantly tell us how he would masturbate “ve been thinking about” her

* He stole someone else’s photo of her, acquired various two copies of it in the dark area, and demonstrated parties one of the pictures encrusted in his cum, including a friend of the girl

* Announced her a bitch behind her back when she wore jeans because” he couldn’t get a good look at her resources”

* Requested her to prom, and when she undoubtedly answered no, proceeded to act like a martyr of “the friendzone” and complain that she didn’t like “nice guys.”

28. He had me by the figurehead of my shirt up against a wall laying down the laws and regulations about how things would be from now on.

Met’ Bill’ at a friend’s party. There was definite entertainment so we started dating. We truly had funit seemed like we could make a good life together. After a year together he asked me to move in with him and it looked like a good mind. The first night in his home he had me by the figurehead of my shirt up against a wall laying down the law about how things would be from now on.

It’s like the niceness was a front to get me exactly where he wanted meunder his roof and his principles. He seemed to think that he now owned me. That sure didn’t work for me. I packed up and got out within days.

29. He’d engaged me for over five years old. When the time has now come, I presented it a drive. He became my stalker.

The thing that reached him a’ nice guy’ was that he was adored and highly respected professionally by his clique of friends. So sweet, thoughtful, well mannered. Excessively handsome and talented. Fascinating life, blue chip clique of friends( I don’t want to give too many specific details ). He’d prosecuted me for over five years old. When the time has now come, I made it a make. He became my stalker.

Quickly discovered he was an emotional infant with breaths of superiority, considered himself as the academic equivalent to my silly pate, liked to “air conduct” classical music in front of his stereo( I had to include that one ), turned down any sexual advancements I stirred, was the most difficult love I ever had( he had a reputation as an amazing admirer mostly promoted by himself )… I came to believe he was a profoundly, deep closeted lesbian but that’s a whole other pole. He was also mildly homophobic which he only expressed in private with me.

There was a lot more I won’t move into. If I was ever upset about anything, nonetheless mildly, he was emotionally incapable of discussing it without becoming exceedingly defensive to the point of sabotaging the gentlest of conversations about my moods with him sobbing and shedding himself on the flooring. Literally push things away from any sexual advances. Once I was hugging up to him and targeted my hand on his thigh. He pushed me away and has pointed out that hey, that was a huge turnoff. Pillow talk might mail him out of bunked, pacing the flooring cry at me and jabbing his thumb in the air. There was more of this type of thing that happened but not much because…

I objective it hurriedly. I was of an age where I was not going to fucking trash a hour of my era on it. I tried to discuss our relations, largely with regards to the sexuality, which was not going well. It tried to talk to him multiple times, in person, on the phone, via email. Like grownups do when a relationship starts to have protrusions. Because it was impossible to talk to him, and he wouldn’t listen to me, I spelled out the end our relations in an email. So, he told his friends I” broke up with him in an email .” Of course, these were all his sidekicks I had been brought into , not mine.

I embarked getting mildly threatening and very creepy’ anonymous’ letters that were obviously from him. He embarked enlisting parties I’d never assembled, and even someone he’d just congregated, to provoke me on his behalf for the next year. I started to certificate it and tell acquaintances. He did some large-scale, showy confrontational acts in public places where he knew I’d be, and likewise enrolled other beings. That’s when I contacted the police. I’m trying not to be too detailed, but he got a phone call( this is only done as a personal advantage to me) from a police officer that scared the shit out of him and it stopped. He was in his late 40′ s when he was doing this.

And I know, that everything of his acquaintances suppose I’m some cruel bitch and that he’s this nice guy that can’t find the right girl.

30. A few days later he transmitted me a picture of him pissing.

So many come to mind but these were the first two I thought of πŸ˜› TAGEND

1) Old guy who was the papa of an relationship. The guy must have been in his 60′ s. We ran into each other often in social situations and he was always genuinely friendly( in a fatherly way I guessed ). One daylight he needed to have dental act done and wasn’t able to drive afterwards and offered me some currency to drive him. I required the money and I figured why not? A couple days later I ran into him again and he asked me if I would be interested in being his’ suitor’ in exchange for money and that he was a nice guy and would treat me neatly. Whut. I don’t even know how those discussions got there but it was clear he had been strategy on asking me this. Additional gross because I knew his daughter, like dude wtf. Actually old-fashioned busters is capable of being sneaks, reading learned.

2) This guy never actually said he was a nice guy but his actions articulated enough. We went on a date, had stuff in common and got along, but I exactly didn’t feel anything nostalgic. I told him this at the end of the year when he tried to caress me and he retained going on about how he didn’t understand why I would even” give the year resume”( like what was I supposed to do, only bail halfway through ?) and how he felt everything had gone well. I said sorry I’m just not experiencing it and we intent the date. He texted me the next day apologizing and asking if I wanted to only be friends because we did get on with and have a lot in common. He seemed genuine so I pronounced sure. Over the next two years we’d sometimes hang out, meet up for lunch and schmooze. He had a girlfriend for most of those 2 years but they eventually broke up. Then the working day he tries to give me a rub, but I was unpleasant with it and cut it off. A few days later he moved me a picture of him pee-pee. Yes, you read that privilege. I was like buster, what are you communicate me that? I know you have a weird sense of humor but don’t cast me pics of your piss, I don’t want to see it. He BLEW UP. He must have moved me about 30 texts ranting on and on about how he didn’t understand why I would make” such a big deal out of it” and he was just trying to be amusing and that he didn’t want to be friends with me anymore if I was so jumpy. I retained responding ” ok that’s fine please stop texting me then”, to which he would respond with another 10 angry texts. He clearly had been hoping that someday he could still get in my throbs and when he recognise I certainly wasn’t interested he picked a fight over something stupid to objective our’ affection “. Super weird dude.

31. He impeded trying to introduced my hand down his breathes. I kind of exactly iced. Then he backed me against the wall and kissed me.

When I was about 16, an elderly female friend of mine was dating an even older guy. So she, myself, and another female pal went to his apartment one darknes to hang out. It started off with pizza and a movie, and the guy my friend was dating started telling a story about a person sidekick who apparently had a huge penis. My pals and I joked about how we wanted to see it. Little did I know, the guy telling the story textbook his well-endowed buddies about how there’s a young blonde who wants to see his waste, I guess. At any pace, the person shows up and starts hounding me all nighttime. He’s much older, and I’m woefully inexperienced and daunted. He corners me in the stairwell and proceeds to tell me how luck I am he came to see me. He said there were various other parties and girls waiting for him, but he wanted to be nice and go assemble me. He retained trying to made my hand down his throbs. I kind of only iced. Then he backed me against the wall and caressed me. He had a large nose and I simply remember it pressing into my nose bone painfully. I ultimately only had to shove him off and stomp upstairs while he called me a bitch. I still cower about how I just ice like an idiot.

32. A guy formerly PM’ed me,’ Hey girl, you’re so beautiful. You look like you know how to suck a good cock.’

A guy formerly PM’ed me,’ Hey girl, you’re so beautiful. You look like you know how to suck a good cock.’ So I asked him how he’d appear if anyone spoke to his sister like that. He immediately blew up and told me he’d kill me for talking about his family like that. Makes sense.

33. He posted my nudes on 4chan and insisted he was doing me a favor.

A guy I dated for a year once posted my nudes on 4chan and insisted he was doing me a kindnes. If he weren’t so proud of how I examine, he wouldn’t have posted them. He was being a” good lover .” Why. Why why why.

34. He left me a voicemail tell people what I was wearing that day and then go into details about how he wanted to kill me and assault and likewise cease my young childs life.

So my best good nice guy know-how was a person I actually did try to date.

We went out formerly, he didnt have a lot going on( no undertaking , no college, pending assault costs in another state for a 17 -year-old girl) which he let me know on the first appointment. I decided that maybe now wasnt the right time for him to be dating but he was funny and neat so I alleged makes stand friends.

He agreed at first but then…

He started announcing and texting me perpetually. Whenever I didnt wanna hang out with him it was because I was too busy’ being a slut and catching chlamydia “. As soon as I would respond he would rationalize and be nice…for like 5 seconds. This continued, went worse, and I eventually merely blocked his number.

He of course exactly started announcing and texting way random phone number. One night when I had rejected him all day he left me a voicemail tell people what I was wearing that day and then going into detail about how he wanted to kill me and assault and too point my young childs life.

I had to change my number and file a police report to get him to leave me alone. That’s what I get for trying to find love on OKCupid.

35. He wastes like three weeks messaging me just really mean, odious shit all the time.

I had a crush on a buster in high school, he was part of my BFFs circle so we were together a lot. I’m upfront so I was pretty clear that I had some feelings for him, but he was uninterested in being anything more than friends, whatever, I had another boy kinda chasing me so I sacrificed him a shot and “were starting” date, and I stopped the friendship with the Nice Guy.

Flash-forward a year, Nice Guy has become one of my closest friends. We eat lunch together, hang out like every day, and my lover is often included, although they weren’t close at all. Then a week before Nice Guy leaves for college, he professes that he’s totally in love with me, my boyfriend will never fully understand me or plow me right( it’s been four years and we are still together soooo ), and I pretty much owe it to him to dump my bf and fuck him before he moves to institution. I spoke no, obviously. He freaks out and tries to construct me pay him back for all the money he spent on me, which I had never liked in the first place and was always done sneakily, like putting movie tickets on his card before we got to the theater or paying for our nutrient when I was in the bathroom.

He expends like three weeks messaging me just really mean, disgraceful shit all the time, including some deep personal material he was aware of due to our friendship. It hurts a lot to truly involve person as a good, close friend and then be ceased like a hot potato where reference is realise you still won’t put out. He still messages me occasionally, usually to try to hit on me and get pee-pee that I still enjoy my boyfriend, then complains about being single. Gee motherfucker, I wonder why?

36. I finally had to threaten to tell his mommy he was molesting me.

I’ve had some bad suffers with’ nice guys’ including two attacking me to the point I stopped out of academies for the semester, but the most recent one was such an oh-my-heck-really that it’s almost amusing. Almost.

The very first time we went on was a double( don’t trust guys much anymore, sorry) with my clearly gay best friend who is SERIOUSLY like my twin brother. Naturally, when everyone was leaving I hugged him.

My date put his arms around me and started barking like a bird-dog. Like, straight up’ ROWF ROWD ROWF RRRRRRR MINE !’ I sat there in disturbance for a few seconds trying to process what had just happened, but my best friend seemed the person dead in the eye and told’ She is not a tree, you did not pee on her, never do that again.’

Bark Boy took offense to that. He still dislikes my best friend, but wasn’t dumb sufficient to mess with him, so that’s something. Instead he grumbled aloud about the person each time I saw him because I was remained at the same small-minded college as him for a year and he was determined not to give up after that.

It’s a long, long floor, but after almost two years of him” not giving up that easily !” I lastly had to threaten to tell his mummy he was attacking me. I care I was joking. It ran, though. He felt all governments were evil, Feminism was the the efforts of the demon and unfair to males, lesbians husbands are handy eunuchs to safeguard his harem, and the world will end but he’ll subsist with his pals and his katanas. He is afraid of no guy or expert, but terrified of his mom.

TL ;D R Dog Boy is seeking to see me his fire hydrant.

37. His rationale was that he was a nice guy, the ONLY nice guy in fact, was trying to protect me from other dudes who are wanted to assault me.

I manufactured enough blunders in my youth that I are normally recognize them and run from a couple miles out but my ex got his friends to report back if they ever looked me in public with another dude and would flip out. Or events like,” I moved back to my dorm from recital with a buster from my circle .” Anything committing another person, I got screamed at and sometimes beat up. His rationale was that he was a nice guy, the ONLY nice guy in fact, was trying to protect me from other dudes who only wanted to abuse me.( He himself raped me a number of eras while we were together .)

He did this shit for six months after we broke up too.

38. Unexpectedly I was a heedless prostitute who destroyed humankinds, and he spent six months actively trying to get my boyfriend to break up with me.

Was a sidekick of ten years when I started dating a guy in our mutual social clique after my divorce. It was like a switch had been turned. Abruptly I was a wanton floozy who destroyed guys, and “hes spent” six months actively trying to get my boyfriend to break up with me. He told my lover that’ girls can hurt you'( no shit…my boyfriend had just been through an frightful divorce ), tried to set my boyfriend up with a friend of his who would be just’ perfect’ for him, get mad at my boyfriend for not going out to airstrip clubs and living the bachelor life with him every weekend. Hinder in judgment, my lover is a papa of two and hadn’t lived the’ bachelor life’ in well over 10 years. He told my lover that I had a’ secret’ that would completely change his brain about me and disclose my true-life soul. Changes out the’ secret’ is something I’d mentioned to my lover offhand before we’d even started dating.

It was not clear to either of us whether the Nice Guy wanted to date me or my boyfriend. Either course, he was salty as fucking about our relationship.

39. He haunted on me and the minors( ages 6, 4, and 1) with my best friend.

My high school boyfriend suggested all the right things, stimulated me fall in love with him, drew my family fall in love with him, married me, gave me the white-hot picket fence residence, three girls, typical American Dream. Everything was perfect. Or so I remembered. Fast-forward six years…he ghosted on me and the girls( ages 6, 4, and 1) with our friend. They’re now married and he signed away his parental rights to the boys. He merely straight up dropped us all to start a new life with my( now ex) best friend. He verifies the children just often enough to open the curves when they mend. He claims he’s a nice guy, but he had to follow his heart and she exactly didn’t want girls, even though she has one of her own.

40. He’d forever text me, reach improbably sex the remarks and look at me like a piece of meat.

I have a somewhat frightful nice guy story. When I was 18 I wreaked in a kitchen as a sous-chef with a big group of friends I had known since childhood. I was in a relationship with my first love. I loved it. We got a brand-new kitchen porter, who instantly showed an elaborate subdue on me. At first it was funny, he was over the top in a jokey road, but I never ever carried and interest in him and became him down frequently, which everyone acquired comical. It became a running joke at work and at first I didn’t mind.

Then he started to take things too far. He’d invariably text me, see fantastically sex the remarks and look at me like a piece of meat, I couldn’t bend over to pick something up without him making a comment. He’d start to simply hang around me all the time, following me when I was trying to get stuff done, telling me that my lover wasn’t good for me. All of my’ friends’ at work( all male, by the way) just laughed and encouraged it. I went really angry one night and told him sternly to fuck off. He suggested ” defy abode “. I didn’t really raise it up with my administrator because he was always there evidencing it anyway and acquired it entertaining too.

Then me and my lover broke up, and “hes been gone” full-on fucking stalker. He knew where I’d be in the evening and turn out at the same home playing like it was all a big parody and we were practically together I was just playing difficult to get. He would literally pin me up against the refrigerator and try to kiss me, all the while laughing at our coworkers who giggled, more. None seemed to be on my surface that this was just fucking terrifying behavior and that it actually hurt me, especially after my firstly brea up. Everyone told me to” just go for it”, and” he clearly really likes you “. Blurgh.

The peak( or trough) of this story is when we all went to the staff party. I forestalled him like the plague, but rashes fasten. My big brother, who knows all my coworkers too, turned up and I sighed with relief as he visibly backed off. We all went very drunk and he kept his interval. Then I went out into the garden and he followed me. He had me cornered into a wall just now directly alleging. I did no, for the thousandth hour, and he stepped forward and grabbed my crotch. He scratched it for a bit and then said ” you like it only declare it” and that” we’d ever had people springing for us “. I was just pushing him and he pushed my knickers aside and just shoved his digits in. I pierced him then, and he just sort of tittered and ran away. When I came in he was demonstrating my “friends” his paws to smell and everyone was tittering and high fiving him. I went home screamed myself to sleep and quit my work the next day. Everyone then considered I was a massive bitch for’ toying with him’ by supposedly letting him finger me. Fuck him and fuck them. Thankfully I don’t know them anymore.

41. He announced my house at 2am repeatedly until I refuted and told him it’s too late to talk.

Met a guy in high school who was really nice. We would talk and hang out at lunch. One epoch, he announced my house at 2am repeatedly until I reacted and told him it’s too late to talk. After about the 3rd era he called again and my sister( my champion at the time) refuted and told him to stop announcing. He called her a bitch and he stopped announcing. The next day at institution I evaded him and he followed me around. I prepared sure to be around someone at any time and he would provoke another person and allege ” why would you like to plagiarize my daughter ?” Then when I was sitting at my desk he sat on the field by my paws and obstruct trying to slide his hands up under my robes. After about a few weeks of this he ultimately left me alone.

42. He wasted the majority of members of his time badmouthing me to whomever would listen.

We met in a group in undergrad, became pals. Gradually we became closer, I developed a crush on him, started hanging out more on our own, and one night after some sips it intensified to caressing/ cuddling.

I messaged him afterwards telling him are well aware that while I experience what happened, I didn’t think it was a good idea for us to keep it up, as I had affections for him, and wasn’t interested in a Friends with Benefits kind of setup.

He told me that he kind of had seems as well, and that it might be nice to see how a relationship developed. So we do. We start datingdinners, movies, all the physical nonsense that comes with a relationship. When he was briefly hospitalized, I invested every night there with him. I opened up to him over age and told him about my history of sexual abuse, family history of substance abuse, etc. He opened up about his history of applied by his exes, how they were all cruel and had plowed him horribly, how he’s just always been so nice that everyone takes advantage of him, that everything he requires is to find a nice daughter who will affection him for who he is and that he can treat like a princess.

One night( perhaps about 4-5 months in) we’re laying in bottom together watching a movie and I started telling him about a entertaining exchange I had at work,” So then I was supposing, my lover …” and I seem him toughen up, and he kind of awkwardly alleges,” You know we’re not dating, right? Like, I thought we just had a enjoyable thing leading …”

So, apparently we’re FWB. The exact happen I told him I didn’t want. I asked him if we could start dating then, and he said he was just too busy for a relationship( even though we were mostly in one ), blah blah. I told him I was hurt and felt expended, and that I wasn’t interested in being anything more than relationships in the future.

After that, I gradually started seeing anyone, a guy who was actually pretty great and has been active in pursued me, and guy# 1 FLIPPED OUT. Apparently, even though he didn’t want to be in a relationship with me, I wasn’t allowed to be with anyone else.

For months afterward, “hes spent” the majority of members of his time badmouthing me to whomever would listen, talking about how I expended him, how I’m just like every other slut who supposes she’s too good for everyone, how he had treated me so well and I had rent his centre out. The worst role, though, was that he told innumerable individuals and an organization of beings all about my personal history. Apparently, a couple of times, after a couple potions, he would even start to cast doubt on it, equating what I” did to him” to my past abuse, stating that it was surprising to him that an suspect abuse victim would “rape” the concerns of innocent humen. We no longer communicate, but I still hear about circumstances he’s said about me a duo times a year.

It really made me wonder about all those “terrible” exes he had, and cleared me give more faith than ever into the thought that the lane people talk to you about others “re the same” lane they’ll talk to others about you. What a nice guy.

TL ;D R- “Nice” person starts “relationship” with me, I leave when I find out it’s FWB. Start dating a brand-new guy, “nice” guy throws out, badmouths me to everyone, and deludes my trust. But the shameful one.

43. He was sprinkling me, sort of aggressively flirting, dunking me, so I get out of the puddle and he pins me down to kiss me.

A guy friend in junior high school. We had various world-class and sat next to each other, platonic, loyal acquaintances for 2 years before he got weird. He was amusing, we could talk about anything. His mansion had a reserve, so during warm weather a knot of us would swim at his home after institution. One era he invites me over to swim after school, when I get there , no one else is there, which was weird. He was sprinkling me, sort of aggressively flirting, dunking me, so I get out of the pool and he pins me down to caress me. So I play it off as joking and leave. I give him the cold shoulder after that and he was pissed. Two weeks later and at a different pals’ residence he and I are both there for a swim-birthday defendant and he and another guy give me a simultaneous front and back “seesaw” which is like a frightful double-wedgie in the pond. My swimsuit slash me so badly I bled.

44. He transmitted a HUUUUGE rant about how I was too afraid to date someone who might be worth it in the long run

I had two obvious ones from OKCupid when I was still dating. Most guys I went out with were self hate and self sucked, but mainly socially adjusted hipsters, but these guys plod my storage as the proverbial “nice guys”

The first was a guy I had enormous the talks with online, abode up until 3am talking, couldn’t wait to meet him. We meet up in person and I immediately got a different vibe and wasn’t remotely attracted to him. We got on a bus together and he started aloud talking about his BDSM experience; I tried to steer the conversation towards something else but he impeded going on about how I would benefit from being with a good dom and substance and it was pretty uncomfortable. Our date was treading through the town and he principally talked about his fanfiction ideas in a rambling way, putting no attempt into getting to know me( which at this point was fine because I didn’t really want to talk much ). In the end, I told him upfront I wasn’t really experiencing it and I was sorry it didn’t match up to our online interactions, he guilted me into sacrificing him a hug, and then made some statement about me missing out on his trust fund.

The other guy, I’m not sure why I even agreed on the appointment, but it was early in my online dating escapade and I guess I was guilted into it a little. I sat at a Mexican eatery listening to this guy talking here how super haunted he is with Rocky Horror in great detail, and at the end of dinner he said he affection how much we had in common. I think he had never met an solicitous listener in their own lives, and I find kinda sad about it until after gently putting him down he mailed a HUUUUGE rant about how I was too afraid to date someone who might be worth it in the long run and that one day I would wake up and realize what I’d missed. I remember very little of it except the strange motley of dread and pity I felt.

I remember numerous insecure parties, such as these “nice guys”, think they’re being evaluated and criticized as a gruesome person when a person spurns them, instead of recognizing it as part of a complex outing towards detecting what both involved defendants require in life. It becomes me happy to be considered until I actually remember the kind of strange and often dangerous right and humiliation of women it breeds.

( In the end, I did find person on OKCupid and we’re getting married next week! So, my online adventure used to work very well. My fianc remarked I was one of very few women he actually used to go with from OKC ;P TAGEND

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