NFL weekend prognosis: Cowboys to close NFC East title against Giants

The Cowboys can take revenge on the only team to have pulsated them this season, and go for San Diego, Arizona, Washington, San Francisco and Seattle

Some parties spend a whole period striving for greatness. Others are simply born with it. We is simply accept DrUHomes falls into the latter category. Last-place week was the third largest period they have ever taken part in our Pick Six contest and the second in which they have called every single competition correctly.

Nobody else had a clean sweep in week 13, so when were done with the necessary standing ovation its season for the rest of us to start bucking our sentiments up. Here comes the final round of activities

Dallas Cowboys@ New York Giants( Sunday 8.30 pm ET/ Monday 1.30 am GMT)

Victory would seal an NFC East title for the Cowboys. More than that, it would serve as retaliate. The Monster are the only team to have drummed them so far this season, the whole way back in week one. But epoches have changed simply a little in Dallas in the meantime. Ezekiel Elliott, having barely played in preseason, hastened for 51 gardens against New York a full 32 fewer than in his worst execution since( and that came in week two, in case you two are searching for current trends ). Dak Prescott, similarly, averaged a paltry five grounds per overtaking strive in that season opener. From week two onwards, he has never dipped below 7.4. Alongside the two rookies improvement, you might consider that Jason Pierre-Paul was one of New Yorks most active advocates in Dallas, racking up six combined undertakes and a duet of quarterback hurries. He will not play on Sunday( or again this season, unless the Whale go deep into the playoffs) after undergoing surgery on a sports hernia this week.

Cowboys to prevail

San Diego Chargers@ Carolina Panthers( Sunday 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT)

Technically, both of these units can still clear the playoffs. Realistically, that ship has voyaged. But if either are unlikely carry on storming against the dying of the lighting, then I suppose it might be San Diego. The Chargers have not lost a game by more than eight extents all season, whereas Carolina just got blown out 40 -7 in Seattle. Ron Riveras decision to bench Cam Newton briefly over a dress code irreverence, apologized or otherwise, does not appear to have done much good for morale. That said, Newton was struggling even before this latest tale. His consummation frequency during the past three tournaments is a puny 44.7%.

Chargers to prevail

Arizona Cardinal@ Miami Dolphins( Sunday 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT)

How swiftly the narratives reversal. One two weeks ago, the Dolphins were among the NFLs hottest units going a six-game triumphing stripe and mooted as a danger to New England atop the AFC East. Then they went subdued 38 -6 in Baltimore. Conversely, the Cardinals written off at 4-6-1 plucked off an impressive home win over Washington and are now scheduled by the Las Vegas bookies as exactly a 1.5 -point underdog in Miami. This despite the fact that their alone superhighway winning to appointment came against San Francisco. Truthfully, I do find this an unbelievably ticklish recreation to label. Even with Tyrann Mathieu injured, Arizonas No2-ranked justification has the aptitude to devastate the Dolphins much like Baltimore did. Mike Pouncey ogles unlikely to return at center for Miami, and his squads hastening norm without him in the line-up this season is less than half (8 0.8 grounds per competition) of what it is when he is present( 164.4 gardens per activity ). But the Cardinals truly have put on some hideous street indicates in 2016, and this is an early outset on the Eastern coast. Ive rarely seemed so reluctant to back the more talented team.

Cardinals to prevail

Washington@ Philadelphia Eagles( Sunday 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT)

A formerly promising season has unraveled for Philadelphia with a range of five demolishes in six tournaments. But is the same starting to happen to Washington? Back-to-back losses against Dallas and Arizona have bumped Jay Grudens team down to the seventh seed in the NFC, and the Eagles would enjoy coping a schism rival a potentially life-threatening punch. The awaited recalls of both Ryan Mathews and Jordan Matthews Phillys top running back and receiver certainly enhance their capacity to do so, but I still have my skepticisms. Carson Wentz demonstrates how no signs of clambering over his rookie wall, whereas Kirk Cousins was thriving until he ran into a very good Arizona pass defense last week. Hell too have left tackle Trent Williams back to protect him after completing a four-game dangling.

Washington to triumph

New York Jets@ San Francisco 49 ers( Sunday 4.05 pm ET/ 9.05 pm GMT)

And there you were thinking wed arrived at the bottom of the barrel where reference is obliged you pick the 49 ers-Bears competition last week. San Francisco went on to lose by 20 stages, which was still 11 fewer than the Jets margin of defeat at home to Indianapolis on Monday Night football. On paper, this looks just like a bad matchup for the Niners, whose one redeeming feature Carlos Hyde is very likely to be contradicted by a New York justification that leaves up exactly 90.3 gardens per play on the sand. But does anyone actually expect Bryce Petty to breathe life into the Jet-blacks offense? In the end, I could find hundreds of thousands of reasons set out above I detest both sides. So I am restored to a long-held thesis, which I failed to adhere to last week: never back really terrible football teams on the road.

49 ers to acquire

Seattle Seahawks@ Green Bay Packers( Sunday 4.25 pm ET/ 9.25 pm GMT)

To fail one of the leagues good safes at any time would be damaging. To do so in the week before facing Aaron Rodgers might experience disastrous to followers in Seattle. Earl Thomas is an priceless champion, whose absence is necessarily be felt on Sunday and for the rest of this season after he fractured his tibia. The Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel was quick to find that the Seahawks lost the only other competition he has missed in his profession against Tampa Bay two weeks ago. Correlation, though, is not causation, and Seattles greatest difficulties that day were on the other side of the dance. With Thomas Rawls starting to thumped his pace, and the Packers own protection mischievously banged up sack commander Nick Perry is out, while just about every other linebacker on the roster of experts seems to be carrying certain kinds of injury Im not persuaded we will see record repeated.

Seahawks to prevail

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