Nepal articulates an Indian couple faked Mt. Everest summit conquest photos

Indian climber, Satyarup Sidhantha accommodates on his right hand a photo that shows him on Mount Everest, along with what he responds is an varied version of the same used by an Indian pair to make it appear they were on the summit .
Image: AP Photo/ Bikas Das

In June, Dinesh and Tarkeshwari Rathod saw headlines as India’s firstly couple to scale Mount Everest.Now, Nepalese authorities have said that the Indian pair faked documents and photographs of themselves at the top ofthe world’s tallest peak.

The husband and wife duo are police officials from the countries of the western Indian city of Pune, and had even harboured a news conference last month, in which they claimed to be have reached the summit of Mount Everest on May 23. Nonetheless, various mountaineers complained against the couple and said that they never prepared it to the summit and had instead doctored their photographs.

Nepal’s tourism authorities had originally been said that the couple’s allegations were valid, but started a probe after critics pointed out that the clothes they wore in different photos of the ascent did not accord. “The expedition agency to prove that the photos submitted to the department were morphed by the Indian pair that are intended to get the certificate, Nepal official Gyanendra Kumar Shrestha told AFP.

Once the authorities register a formal report, the couple is likely lose their climbing certification and be banned from climbing any peaks in Nepal. He added that the speciman could lead to stricter rules for certifying summits, a process that are now depends on verification by the expedition’s president and sherpas.

“It is next to impossible to change robes and boots mid-climb as there is a risk of frostbite and “were about” cent-percent sure that photo were taken either at a basi camp or at a studio and later it was meticulously morphed or cultivated, ” mountaineer Surendra Shelke, one of the complainants told PTI. Shelke also said that no one had envisioned the couple beyond the base camp.

Alongside Nepal’s investigation, Pune police has started a probe into the Rathods’ claims after the mountaineers complained against them.Meanwhile, another mountaineer Satyarup Siddhanta has alleged that the couple had doctored photos of his ascent to Mount Everest on May 21.

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