Naked Break-in: Bare burglar sidles into residence to do laundry | Fox News

Authorities say a naked soldier was apprehended after breaking into a north Georgia home through a pet door.

Cherokee County Deputy Joshua Watkins tells neighbourhood news media that 28 -year-old Jarred Lemming on Wednesday entered the residence nude to shower, shower his laundry and to use the owner’s Wi-Fi.

The incident report says Lemming was discerned climbing a neighbor’s barrier and squeezing through the dog opening at the back of the house.

Watkins says Lemming was still inside the home when deputies arrived. Agents say Lemming claimed to have once lived in the home but moved out about a year ago.

Watkins says Lemming told police that he knew the homeowner, but didn’t notify him because he “did not want to bother him.” Lemming was charged with burglary.

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