Mr. T Gave Team USA’s Olympic Curlers A Fierce Pre-Final Pep Talk

There was no time for any jibber jabber when Mr. T got on the phone with the U.S. men’s Olympic curling team on Saturday morning.

John Shuster, Tyler George, Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner and Joe Polo received a agitating pep talk from the actor on the 1980 s TV line “The -ATeam” before their final against Sweden in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

“I miss you guys to know, I’m a great big love back here in the United States, ” remarked Mr. T, whose real reputation is Laurence Tureaud. “You know I adore what you’re doing and I understand the athletic ability that it takes.”

The team shared footage of themselves taking part of the call to Twitter, above, and it’s now croaking viral. It’s ambiguous what else Mr. T used to tell motivate them, but he too posted these tweets as further encouragement:

It seemed to do the trick, as the team beat Sweden1 0-7to scoop the squad’s first ever Olympic gold medal in the sport.

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