‘ Move fast and break things ‘: Trump’s Obamacare failure and the backlash onward

Republicans suffered material devastating defeat on Obamacare. But the draw of the American Health Care Act could be a blessing in masquerade for Trump

The James S Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House was crammed as usual but there was an extra frisson of anticipation. As the press secretary, Sean Spicer, marched to the lectern, a communication was unfolding just 27 tempi away in the Oval Office. It would invalidate almost everything he said.

Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House of Congressman, told Donald Trump the word he did not want to hear. Weeks of coaxing and arm-twisting to win over skeptics of their healthcare improve legislation had flunked. Ryan asked the president to ditch the bill and avoid the mortification of putting it to a vote in the House. Trump agreed.

It was a chastening defeat for a chairman whose election campaign was built on his reputation as a delegate and a win. His book, The Art of the Deal, brags: Treats are my art organize. Other people coat beautifully on canvas or write excellent poetry. I like clearing batches, preferably big cheese. Thats how I get my kickings. When it came to his first major legislation as president and the question bargain or no transaction, the answer was, emphatically , no deal.

In a lyrical twisting, the president who has adopted a rightwing schedule of financial patriotism, law and order and America first was undone by the right wing of his own party. Conservatives said here greenback did not go far enough to abolition and replace Barack Obamas signature healthcare policy, the Affordable Care Act( ACA ), also known as Obamacare.

Today was a big win for the president. The 44 th chairwoman, Barack Obama, testified TV multitude Lawrence ODonnell on MSNBC. And it was, to put it in Trump-speak, a ended disaster for the current president.

It came hard on the heels of two legal knock-backs to his attempt to ban travelers from particular Muslim-majority counties. That program more was enforced with a missionary zeal that disguised a lack of competence and clasp of detail. But Trump appears to be playing the responsibilities of the a chief executive intent on shaking up a business and his premier strategist, Steve Bannon, are reported to admire a sect from the tech sector in Silicon Valley: Move fast and break-dance things.

But Washington politics are different. Add in the Russia affair the abandonment of the presidents national defence adviser, groundless claims of wiretapping against Obama and an ongoing FBI investigation into his associates and the first two months of the Trump presidency reek of chaos, crisis and confusion.

Nobody knew healthcare “couldve been” this complicated

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