Mountain Madness: 10 Horrifying Skiing And Snowboarding Coincidences That Shouldn’t Have Happened

1. The Death Of Natasha Richardson

Even though Richardson was a Tonyaward-winningactress in her own privilege, you are not able to have heard of herbut you’ve definitely heard ofher husband, world far-famed performer Liam Neeson. Sadly, Richardson’s death wasn’t caused by some extinction withstanding endeavor at property an insane gimmick, it was because she suffered an injury during a apprentice skier’s course in Quebec, in 2009.

Richardson descended and smacked her heading. This was followed by a period in which she was lucid and seemed perfectly fine. As a develop, paramedics who’d been called all left. However, Richardson was perfectly fine. Waning to receive any medical notice, three hours later she complained of a headache. Unbeknowst to everyone, her intelligence was hemorrhaging and the buildup of blood inside her skull was killing her, constricting both her intelligence and spinal column. After being transferred to a New York hospital two days later, she died.

Richardson had not been wearing a helmet when she fell.

2. Sonny Bono

Initially reaching the public consciousness as one the members of the Sonny and Cher duo, Bono went on to a vocation in politics as the Mayor of Palm Springs and was a State Senator. In 1998, while skiing in Nevada, Bono struck a tree and was killed instantly. The official cause of death being” blunt violence damage .” His now widow Mary Bono instantly claimed that Sonny was addicted to prescriptionmeds and heavily implied that him being high caused his death. The cross-examine coroner, however, determined no evidence of any medicines in his bloodstream. Literally everyone else in Sonny’s life then stated that Mary was, basically, manufacturing everything there is up.

3. Michael Kennedy

The son of American legislator and “Camelot” member Bobby Kennedy, Michael Kennedy died in Colorado in 1997 while playing football on skis when he reached a tree. At the time of his death, Kennedy was being investigated for having an affair with his children’s babysitter which some have alleged began when she was only fourteen years old.

Kennedy was not wearing a helmet when the trauma occurred.

4. The Prince Of Denmark

The Prince of Denmark, Johan Friso, managed to not smacked anything during his final time skiing but fell victim to something much worse. While skiing off-trail in Austria he was struck by a bellow avalanche which interred the Royal and interpreted him unconscious. Twenty minute eventually, a salvage squad “ve managed” drag him from the snow and transportation him quickly to a infirmary however the damage done to his brain was terminal and while the Prince lingered in a coma for a year and a half after the incident, Friso eventually died.

5. Cincinnati StudenNatalie Altieri

Just last month, 21 -year-old Natalie Altieri, a University of Cincinnati student, expired while skiing Bear Mountain in Southern California. She had apparently skied on ahead of the people she was with and formerly they reached the bottom of the operate they found that she had crashed with a metal railing.

No word on whether Altieri had been wearing a helmet at the time.

6. Colorado StudentRobert Miles

Twenty-two-year-old student Robert Miles became the unfortunate first fatality of last year’s ski season when he died while snowboarding in Colorado. Miles had been skiing alone and parties exclusively inaugurated sought for him after friends noted that he’d gone missing. Saviors eventually acquired him in the snow only to the side of one of the runs.

In addition, two other skiers died in Colorado around this same occasion likewise both students.

7. Formula One World Champion Dies

In 2013, Formula One racing World Champion, Michael Schumacher was gravely injuredwhileskiing with his son at the Meribel resort in the French Alps. Known to be a cautious skier, Schumacher fell and affected his head on some boulders and then had to be placed in a medically induced coma in the hopes that his intelligence would heal. Sadly, Schumacher hasn’t been able to fully recover. While conscious, he remains confined to a wheelchair and has consistent recall problems.

8. TeenagerLouis Ross

A British teenager, Ross expired while skiing at the Meribel resort where Michael Schumacher had been hurtjust two years before. The 17 -year-old was on vacation with his family where reference is too felland hithis head on a boulder. Unhappily, Ross succumbed on the spot where he tolerated his injury when responders were unable to revive him.

9. Mountaineer Liz Daley

Twenty-nine-year-old Liz Daley was a mountaineer and extreme sports sun. Last time she was skiing in Patagonia, Argentina when she stopped to take a photo of the street she had just pass. Not long afterwards, an avalanche affect and she was been hit by tons of snowfall and icewhich then carried her off a cliff where she died.

Some booklets have conjectured that Daley’s skiing may have eventually made the avalanche that killed her but those that know her contend that she was a very careful being well known to mountain conditions that could be dangerous and that it is therefore unlikely that she was the cause of the avalanche.

10. Death Of A Ski Instructor

As you’ve probably observed, current trends in skiing demises tends towards the accidental which is why these deaths and injuries are so stunning. Even knew skiers become victims of simple-minded accidents that seem totally avoidable.

Such was the case forRafal Rafi Uzieblo last-place April. While skiing, for whatever reasonablenes, Uzeiblo culminated up crashing into a ski lift tower which killed him instant. To construct stuffs worse, this occurs on the last day of the season for theUtah used where he was working as an instructor.

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