Moped and quad motorcycle reminding for UK sightseers

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British sightseers are being warned of using mopeds or quadruplet bikes abroad – after a series of accidents and deaths.

The Association of British Travel Agents( Abta) said holidaymakers needed to be use quad bicycles, who the hell is popular in places such as Cape Verde, Greece and Turkey, as part of organised tours.

The group also encouraged tourists to hire cars rather than mopeds.

Those who rejected the relevant recommendations risked “serious injury”, Abta said.

In December 2017, a 23 -year-old Northern Irish man had his leg amputated after a moped clang in Thailand.

Last month, a 19 -year-old from Swindon was killed going a quadruplet bicycle in Greece.

And in October last year, a 25 -year-old woman nearly died in a moped clang in Vietnam.

Injured teen stranded in Greece after quadruplet motorcycle disintegrate George Clooney injured in Italian moped gate-crash Man charged over death of his girlfriend in Thai moped accident Media captionBritish guy reacts to his girlfriend’s fatality after Thai moped accident Image caption Lewis Evans was naughtily injured in a quadruplet bike accident in Zante in 2016

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