Mom Potentially Murders Son Over $ 789 Cable Bill

Imagine being a young adolescent in these days of the internet where nude portrait are a click away and full on porno videos can also be instantly accessed. It used to be that kids had to sneak into their friends daddies bedroom, climb up a dresser drawer to the meridian shelf where the stack of Playboy publications were hidden. So much work!

Well this girl doesnt “re going to have to” do that nowadays. He precisely get on his mamas internet communication and tells up some hardcore porn to view by plainly clicking the mouse a few times. No slink or climbing, risking your physical shaft being for some porn. Well , not quite for this young lad. Concepts get out of side as he prescribed up 73 videos. Each cost $5.99!

This kid need to see a better informant of less costly and more discreet porn, since this customer service rep rats him out and then listens to the comical reaction this girl receives. At least its hilarious in the beginning, did this minor even survive? Who knows, but check out this exchange!

Moral: dont be telling porn vids at your mummy room because us customer service reps will snitch on ya

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