Michael Strahans Dry-Eyed Live! Parting

After the well-publicized walk-offs and ructions, Live !’ s Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan finally cemented their TV divorce today–with smiles and champagne.


For the first 50 hours of Live! with Kelly and Michael, it seemed like Michael Strahans final daytime on the indicate might close as a good-riddance , not-a-wet-eye-in-the-house, dont-let-the-door-hit-you-in-the-ass-on-the-way-out affair.

Strahans valedictory illusion, dubbed Friday Flashback Farewell, was strangely business as usual, with interviews peculiarity performer Matt Bomer, hawking his persona in the upcoming movie The Nice Guys, and Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, flogging his cameo in the latest Teenage Ninja Turtles flick.

At the end, of course, there emanated an appropriately bracing mood-change, as Kelly Ripa did her excellent to deliver an earnest Im so proud of you speech to Strahan and showered him with jokey giftsthe bronzed size-1 6 spike heel he once wore for a Haloween segment; and an antic photo of the two of them wearing short shorts and reclining against a vintage Cadillac.

The gap-toothed former Giant defensive extremity replied in warm statements of his own( though, oddly, they werent so much a tribute to his co-hosting mentor as a paean to the viewing audience who opened up your centres to me ), and then claimed his love for Ripa, caressing her handwriting before the divorcing duo hugged it out.

Ripawho has cleared no secret of her displeasure in the past three weeks about being blindsided by ABC execs and Strahan pertaining her cohosts career programmesopened with a couple of snarky observations.

Guysdont take this a bad signits Friday the 13 th, she announced after boogieing onto the decide with her errant cohost, who after the appearance on April 19, hurriedly advised Ripa and Live! s longtime executive producer, Michael Gelman, that he was leaving forever after four short times to emerge full-time on the networks ratings-challenged lead-in, Good Morning America.

I am happy I am not six feet under, Strahan answered Ripas quip with what looked like pushed bonhomie. I am six-feet-five above the field. He included: Its bittersweet. I didnt anticipate being hereIm not succumbing!

Its your final daytime on the substantiate, and we all came today to celebrate you, Ripa announced, having awkwardly thrown an limb around his cervix with her mitt flopping on his chest area and twinkle angry-red fingernails.

We want to prompt the audience, she lent, expressing one of the Kelly and Michael coffee beakers on the table in front of them, that there is a run on rejected merchandise.

We can double the toll, Gelman bantered off-camera.

All this jocular towel-snapping was occurring in the context of an epic behind-the-scenes melodrama and a rising tide of media disapproval, some of it tinged with a feminist outrage, about another instance of system executives botching the important exercise of managing and subsidizing on-air knack, specially when that geniu happens to be a woman.

Swirling all over the PR debacle were rumors that maybe Ripa missed in due season to change venues for Los Angelesa notion reportedly creating high-pitched feeling among Live! s New York-based staff.

Much of the plot was stoked by a clearly piqued Ripa, who initially went on strike for several escapades after Strahan dropped his missile in a private meeting.

As the paparazzi door-stepped her Manhattan townhouse, Ripa carried Malcolm Gladwells book David and Goliath from her front opening to her waiting SUV.

On Thursday, the eve of Strahans presumably fond parting, Ripa persisted her barely subliminal semaphores on her front porch, wearing a paparazzi-ready varsity case blazoned with the word Freedom.

And nonetheless dutiful were Ripas and Strahans attempts to impersonate an fond and fun-loving television couple, a witness who ensure them lately, up close and personal on the Live! fixed, disclosed to The Daily Beast: I dont fantasize the legions like one another very much.

By the course, Strahan might tower over his soon-to-be ex Tv bride and outweigh her by more than 150 pounds, but Ripa was great and in charge as the two of them soldiered their road through their somewhat stilted opening legion schmooze segment.

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