Man Says Stranger Sucker-Punched Him For Looking Like Shia LaBeouf

How’s this for luminary medicine?

A New York City man says he was sucker-punched by a total stranger as he was exiting a metro — because he looks like Shia LaBeouf.

Mario Licato, 26, was clambering the stairs out of a Lower East Side station around 8: 30 p.m. Saturday when he says out of nowhere he was pummeled to the ground.

“While I was falling down the stairs, all I sounds was, ‘This is because you search precisely like Shia LaBeouf, ’” he recalled to Gothamist.

Licato, who surely resembles the 29 -year-old “Transformers” star, said he was briefly knocked out cold. When he came to, his assailant was nowhere to be seen and he was left contained within blood.

“I opened my eyes and people were levitating over me. They were like,’ Did you know him? ’” he recalled to the New York Daily News.

Licato says witnesses told him “the mens” was 6-feet towering and in his mid-2 0s, and resembled a resembling a “white frat boy.”

Adding insult to injury, Licato said that when first responders arrived to treat him, the first EMT greeted his winds with a salty: “Welcome to New York, buddy.”

“I’m born and raised here, ’” he told Gothamist. “I was like,’ Are you kidding me? You’re standing in front of somebody who’s bleeding out of their face and that’s your first reaction? ’”

An Instagram photo subsequently shared by Licato showed him sporting a violet shiner and a bandaid over the left of his face.

“I wanna thank the guy who haphazardly decided he was required to affect me last nighttime, ” he captioned the shoot. “‘This happened bc you ogle precisely like Shia labeouf, ‘” he mentioned his attacker. “Well sir you boosted my ego esteem bc he’s p hot.”

You might want to watch your back on the New York City metroes, Shia.

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