Person claims iPhone explosion on his arse, while journeying in his back pocket

Gareth Clear is never speaking to his iPhone again after this .
Image: gareth clear/ daily mail

Sydney cyclist Gareth Clear is adamant that his iPhone is responsible for his defrosting his pants and holding him a shocking third-degree blaze on his butt.

According to the Daily Mail , the 36 -year-old was mountain biking Sunday with his phone in his back pocket, when he fell off his bicycle and onto his arse.

At firstly he was like “I’m cool teammate! ” but then he was all, “What’s that igniting flesh fragrance? “

Those may not be real mentions, but the pain that our mate Gareth detected was as real as you or I, as it dawned on him that his short-shorts were melting and fume was “pouring from his rear, ” as the Daily Mail poetically put it. “It was freaking agonizing, ” he said.

After igniting his fingers trying to remove the phone explosion that was happening within his gasps, he decided to use his fist to “punch” the phone off his burning flesh. Yes certainly.

Exhibit A: He wears short-shorts.

Image: gareth clear/ daily mail

But what fate transpired for our fallen hero? Well, he was taken to the Royal North Shore hospital for a surface grafting, and now faces about six periods attached to a grafting machine which will effectively suck the dead skin out. Omg.

“It’s a misfortune waiting to happen, ” Gareth told the press. “A mini bomb.”

Exhibit B: The devil phone.

Image: gareth clear/ daily mail

So concerned is Gareth for the security concerns of other people whose iPhones might assemble similar fiery points, hes set up a Twitter detail and started following Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apples support centre account and a bunch of word shops.

Apple have apparently been in touch with Gareth and are looking into the arse-burning happen but have no further comment.

While we may have our the issue of our nylon-clad comrade’s demands( such as why was he wearing his iPhone on his arse pocket while travelling a bicycle? And where is all the scalding ?) there is a desire him the very best.

Get well soon, Gareth!

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