M.I.A Has Her Say On The Refugee Crisis With Video For aEUR~ BordersaEUR( tm)

Rapper M.I.A isn’t one to shy away from political contention. Her music attacks everything from genocide, to women’s privileges, to terrorism .

She was once briefly put on the US Homeland Security Risk List– as the lyricals on her second album were accused enough to scare the American government- and Ivy League University Brown even brieflytaughta route named’ Music& Politics: From Mozart to M.I.A’.

So it’s true to structure thatthe rapperhas liberated a self-directed video that attacks the refugee crisis, and criticises the reply provided by the European leaders.

Showing the perilous travel that refugees undertake to find safety, the Sri-Lankan born rapper( who came to the UK as the status of refugees herself) announces out Western politics and advantage, as she pictures refugees army onto a flotilla, and clambering barbed wire fences.

This isn’t the first time that one of M.I.A’s videos has fused pop culture with global problems. Her 2010 video for’ Born Free’ imaged a genocide of ginger people, and was initially censored on YouTube both in the UK and the US for its graphic depiction of police brutality.

One of the actors in the video described it as’ picturing violence to end violence’.

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