Leslie Jones Met Katie Ledecky And Totally Lost Her The Sh* t

Leslie, converge Katie. Katie, fulfill Leslie.

Leslie Jones, possibly the greatest devotee of the Olympics ever, congregated one of the greatest Olympians ever, Katie Ledecky, and understandably lost her sh* t, like we allwould.

The actress posted a video of her joyful had met with the US swimmer via Twitter on Tuesday, and this clipslays all day, I tell you!

Don’t expresses concern about flustering yourself, Leslie! If there was an Olympic event for encompassing the Olympics, you’d be the Katie Ledecky of that sport.

Leslie dissolved the recorded encounter with Ledecky with the word “slay all day, USA, ” which definitely needs to be thrown into the preamble of the Constitution or added to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Get it done, Congress.

Not merely did Leslie get a chance to meetthe gold medallist Olympian, but she also preserved a selfie theme with a person responsible for 50 percent of Katie’s genes, Katie Ledecky’s momma!

Mary Gen Ledeckyrecorded a selfie meaning( I’m predicting for Katie) with Leslie, and the comedian had not been able contain her elation. Sh* t equates lost.

In the video, Leslie requests Katie if she used “swimming around” in her mom’s belly and points up climbing on Katie’s mom, shout,

Oh my God Ledecky, you are fucking stunning!

Leslieasked a fair interrogate. I entail, when is Katie not swimming.What’s that, you say? Oh , no I’m not implying that Katie might be a mermaid.( Psst, I am doing that a bit .)

Also, Leslie and Katie? Can you please continue yourIRL friendship? I crave a one-on-one interview in front of Katie’s gold medals STAT.

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