Latest ‘Survivor’ castaway opens up about all the drama

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The legend of #FigTayls has come to an end.

Survivor ability duets are a uncommon act primarily because hooking up with another player instantly covers a target on both backs. It’s a game, first and foremost, and a physical relation represents the closest possible alliance that can formation. It’s an immediate threat.

That’s what led to the end of the game for Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa in the most recent episode. Her former millennial tribemate Adam Klein realise security threats that she and marriage Taylor Lee Stocker represented, so he threw to connect his Gen-X tribemates Ken McNickle and Jessica Lewis.

Hey Figgy !

I don’t like your mention very much.

Oh no, “youre supposed to” don’t. I’m so sorry. Not for my reputation, for what happened .

Hey, it’s the game, right?

First happening I want to ask and I’m sure you’re hearing this a lot today is how’s FigTayls going in the months after Survivor ?

What do you think?

What do* I* thoughts? I don’t know. It’s hard to predict. It pointed out here during Tribal last darknes, you two know about for all of two weeks. That was certainly a entertaining minute with Jeff throwing out the “I’m consecrated, by the way” missile .

Taylor and I are … OK.[ chortles] The lore of FigTayls is no more.

Awwwww .

Well , no. Not aw. I’m OK. I’m totally fine. But there were real-life situations that are in the way of FigTayls existing that I found out after video games. So I’m glad that FigTayls is no more. It would have been the shortest bridal ever. We would have gotten divorced real quick. It’s for the best.

Gotcha. Thank you for that update .

You’re welcome. Now the interview’s done! Bye bye!

Look. Power duets, they are a spooky situation on Survivor . There’s precedent for this. Did you have any inkling going into Tribal that this was how it was going to end ?

So then I got voted out. Sorry, but it is what it is.

So I sauntered in with this feeling, like this was gonna happen. It’s what it looked like. It was tug-of-war with Adam in the middle. Me going one practice, Ken and Jess in the other. Taylor wasn’t actually helping me at all.

So I’m doing everything I can to get the game on my slope. And they intention up voting out the one who could belief, the one who was smart, the one who was the strategist of the supremacy pair. Because now you just have someone on small island developing with you that’s like, ‘Oh bro, looking it’s an ant. Oh gaze, there’s mosquitoes. Why does it have to bite us? Like why? ‘ That’s what you get with[ Taylor ].

So it was smarter long-term for them to take me out, versus taking person like Taylor out.

Sure, I contemplate any Survivor follower watching that read the strategic appraise of that move .

Yeah. So I definitely felt it coming and it was in the common interest of everybody who wanted their lives in the game to go on. I would’ve been a push to be guessed with down the road.

That’s my next query: How ready and willing were you to cut the rope on Taylor down the road ?

I think it would have been one of those situations where … OK. The post-game interview[ with me] is up on CBS right now, and when “youre watching” that, I’m very into Taylor. I perhaps would not have voted him out. But the thing is this: Taylor was never there for the money. He says that in the beginning and he says that in all these little secret things.

He preserved answering, like, ‘A million dollars goes you 10 years of merriment, but with business partners like Figs that’s a lifetime of merriment, and that’s a million dollars right there.’ That was one of his paraphrases, and I enjoy that quote. It was really sweet. I don’t demonstrate a f* ck now, undoubtedly, but it was really sweet.

But the fact that he said that, I could have sat him down on a tree stump and been like, ‘Hey, it’s either me or you and I’m going to have to write your figure down.’ And he would have been fine with it. It was like talking to a 5-year-old and showing what was going on[ with Taylor ]. And he would have been like, ‘Goo goo, gah gah, ok, ‘ and “it wouldve been” fine.

Now no one goes into a situation like this expecting something like that to happen, but was there ever a articulation in your brain reading, ‘Uhhh, we should really merely not do this at all because of all the[ potential repercussions] ‘ ?

So when we started our little thing, I was like, ‘Ok, so I kinda dig you.’ But where reference is objective up doing the tribe swap, I’m like, ‘F* ck. We need to lay low. Like 007 -secret-agent-right-now Figs is about to come out.

I tried, but the fact that I brewed this badass desire tonic and casted it into Taylor, and he was just completely taken away by it, it f* cked everything up. He could not stop looking at me with these googly seeings, you are not able to stop wanting to caress me, he could not stop telling me how red-hot I was. Eventually, he only couldn’t limit himself.

Is it jarring to re-watch yourself being knocked out even though you knew it was going to happen ?

But to re-watch it and determine my action because that’s exactly how I felt. My handwritings went to my appearance immediately. I stood up and I felt like I died … and my specter was grabbing the flashlight and walking away, or whatever the f* ck ghosts do. I was just so not there. I feel like I blacked out during that Tribal Council. To re-watch it, it sucked. So I only knew any other brew.[ chuckles]

I’ve been ending all of my depart interrogations with this question, but I feel like I don’t even need to ask you. You would do it again .

The day I get the phone call for a second chance it’ll be best available day of my life. Because is not simply will I not play with someone like f* cking Taylor, but I’m gonna redeem myself and it’s is about to be f* cking amazing. People will see the Figgy that is capable,[ The one] that beings didn’t get to see this time around.

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