Koala neglects miserably at trying to climb dancing pole

Yep, it’s a koala hanging on to a pole dancing spar .

Koalas are great at chewing eucalyptus and getting belly chafes. Dancing? Not so much.

Perhaps this small fella clambering up a spar is trying to defy the lazy reputation of one of Australia’s most well-known and beloved animals.

It was captured in a video uploaded onto Facebook on June 30 by Nikki Erickson, who explained in the description that she came home from labor hoping to “dance the shitty day away” when the breakthrough of the being “turned her date around.”

“She sat there while I talked to her and took photographs and did not growl once, ” Erickson wrote. Unfortunately for the purposes of our koala, who may have mistook the pole for a tree, going for a clamber didn’t work out so well.

The koala was eventually rescued by the kinfolks at Queensland’s Daisy Hill Conservation Park and having regard to the refer “Larissa, ” according to the Huffington Post .

“They constructed sure she was ok and in good condition, then exhausted her, ” Erickson told the publication. “They transported me an email the following to let me know.”

Just another one of those “only in Australia” times, yet again.

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