Kevin Hart apologizes via Instagram for drunken Super Bowl hysterics


Comedian Kevin Hart is the human embodiment of the Eagles fans’ atmosphere.

Hart attended the Super Bowl Sunday night and as a native Philadelphian, he was predictably pumped to find the team play in video games.

Throughout the game, Hart danced it up with fellow jester and Philadelphian Spank Horton in the bleachers.

And at the end of the darknes, after his crew prevailed, a really drunk Hart thoughts down to the field to tell everyone about how excited he was. One of his stops included the NFL Network–where he dropped the F-word in the midst of an impassioned speech about the Eagles.

“Philadelphia is a great city and I recollected,’ I hope this is an example of what we can do, ’” he announced. “We devoted a fuck … oops.”

The highlight of the nighttime, however, was when Hart attempted to join the Eagles onstage as they approached the pulpit.

As the Vince Lombardi trophy was be carried forward, witness could catch a glimpse of Hart bickering with defence personnels about getting onstage. Thanks to YouTube user David Engel, love can rewatch the moment over and over.

Fans of Hart on Twitter fantasized his behavior Sunday night was amusing.

On Monday morning a hungover Hart posted a video on Instagram and addressed the public reaction to his actions.

“To all the children out there, I simply wanna remark don’t guzzle, ” he remarked. “When alcohol is in your arrangement, you do dumb stuff. Me trying to go onstage with the award is obviously in the top two stupid mistakes I’ve ever represented, but who attends? The Eagles won the Super Bowl.”

Eagles fans are notorious for starting wild and rioting in the street of Philadelphia, regardless of the outcome of video games. In fact, after video games purposed Sunday night, devotees were documented clambering street signalings, turning over vehicles, preparing thoughts on fire, and clambering atop many constructing enclosings. As Hart inflicted carnage on the field in Minneapolis, he was just doing what better now Eagles fan would do.