Justin Trudeau: ‘Globalisation isn’t working for ordinary people’

Exclusive: The Canadian “ministers ” tells the Guardian why, in a world where populism, divisiveness and fright are on the increases, hes taking the opposite approach

Ordinary people around the world have been failed by globalisation, Justin Trudeau has told the Guardian, as he sought to explain a stormy year celebrated by the election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote and the rise of anti-establishment, nation-first parties around the world.

What were facing right now in terms of the rise of populism and divisive and horrible narratives around the world its based around the fact that globalization doesnt seem to be working for the middle class, for ordinary people, the Canadian prime minister said in an interrogation at his oak-panelled part in the two countries assembly. And this is something that we related years ago and built an entire stage and schedule for governing on.

Last year, at a time when Trump was being described as a long shot for president and the risk of being Brexit seemed a remote possibility, Trudeau, 44, swept to a majority authority on an ambitious platform that included addressing growing inequality and creating real change for the countrys middle class.

One year on, what the fuck is risen is a government that seems to go against the political tide of all the countries; open to trade, immigration and diversity and led by a social media star whose opinions on feminism, Syrian refugees and LGBT claims have prompted enthrall among progressives.

But as he registers his second year in superpower, Trudeau a former high school teacher and snowboarding teacher is under pressure to display “the worlds” that his government has known an alternative means of tackling the concerns of the individuals who appear theyve been left behind.

He cited the signing of Ceta the free trade transaction between the EU and Canada and a hotly struggled decision to approve two grapevines as a few examples of this approach.

We were able to sign free trade agreement with Europe at a time where individuals have often been closing off, he mentioned. Were actually able to approve grapevines at a time when everyone wants protection of the environment. Were being able to show that we get peoples panics and there are constructive ways of lessening them and not only the resources necessary to lash out and establish a big kicking to the system.

Canada has not persisted immune to such influences, he mentioned despite what the fresh wave of interest in moving to the country in the aftermath of Trumps victory and the Brexit vote proposed to. I think theres a lot of people saying oh well, Canada is a special plaza, and “were about”, answered Trudeau. But we are subject to the same kinds of tensions and powers that so much better of “the worlds” is facing right now.

Trudeau said he is keenly recognizing also that the world is watching. I think its always been understood that Canada is not a country thats going to standing and beat its chest on the international stage, but we can be very helpful in pattern answers that the project works, he articulated. Quite candidly if we can show as we are working very hard to demonstrate that you are able to have engaged global perspectives and rise that works for everyone then that pervades a lot of the uncertainty, the rage, the populism that is surfacing in different pockets of the world.

In January, Trudeaus government will face off against its greatest defy to time: a Trump presidency. When it comes to US relations, few countries have as much at stake as Canada last year verified practically three-quarters of Canadas exports honcho to the US while some 400,000 people a daylight cross the shared border.

Justin Trudeau: We are subject to the same kinds of tensions and forces-out that so much better of the world is facing right now. Picture: Chris Wattie/ Reuters

Trudeaus father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canadas “ministers ” during the late 1960 s, 70 s and 80 s, once likened living next to the US to sleeping with an elephant. No problem how friendly and even-tempered is the devil, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitching and grunt, he told the Washington Press Club in 1969.

Nearly five decades on, his son is poised to weather what will probably be one of the toughest tests of this sentiment. The “ministers ” and the president-elect seem to have little in common; Trudeau is a self-described feminist who commissioned our own countries first gender-balanced locker, while Trumps campaign appreciated more than a dozen dames come forward with allegations of sexual impropriety .~ ATAGEND Trudeau has sought to champion trade transactions such as Ceta, while Trump has threatened to rip up Nafta and hide TPP.

The contrast was captivated last December after Trump and Trudeau catapulted into world-wide headlines within daylights of each other over their response to the Syrian refugee crisis; Trump, who had called for a temporary ban on Muslims enrolling the US, were of the view that families fleeing campaign could be Isis infiltrators; Trudeau, in oppose was at the Toronto airport to accost the first curve of the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees airlifted to Canada in the past year.

Trudeau skirted past these differences, instead highlighting the links that bridge both administrations. On Syrian refugees, for example, Trudeau pointed to underlying feelings around security. Certainly in a world-wide where terrorism is a day-to-day reality in the news, its easy-going for people to be afraid, he articulated. But the fact is the fact that we laid down by very clearly and Canadians get that its actually not a selection between either immigration or security, that of course they go together.

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